August 6th, 2009

jul-1The newest addition to Juliano’s extensive line of lighting products is these nifty signal lights that can be added to all kinds of early headlights. Made to be an exact fit for stock Ford ’35-’36 headlights, they work great on other headlights, too. The lens is white glass for a vintage look, though the bright LEDs inside light up amber when you put the power to them. The units come with a polished stainless finish, and can also be painted to match. Attachment is a simple process.
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02_thumbYou asked for it and Wheel Vintiques Inc. has delivered. The new 5-on-5 O.E. is here! The 5-on-5-bolt pattern is available in a 15-inch diameter, with widths ranging from 6-to-14 inches. All standard and most custom offsets also available. Wheels come in bare steel and standard or reverse chrome. Various baby moon and spider caps also available. The O.E. is an excellent addition to your traditional restoration or custom build.

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03_thumbSpeedway Motors is introducing new and improved versions of Speedway’s popular ’37-’48 Forged Ford Steering Arms. Forged from high-quality steel-and also available in forged stainless steel-these bolt-on steering arms are designed to fit Speedway’s reproduction Ford spindles, or to replace arms on original ’37-’48 Ford spindles where additional clearance or drop is needed. Two styles of arms accommodate most early Ford-style street rod suspensions. The standard arms (PN 702-2754) have a 1 ¾-inch drop, and are popular on Model T through ’34 Fords with up to 4-inch dropped axles and hairpin or four-bar radius rods. The dropped arms (PN 702-2756) have a 3 ¾-inch drop, and work best on ’35-’48 Ford cars. Steel versions of both spindles are available with zinc-plated or brilliant chrome finishes, and all arms feature 7-degree tapered holes, both top and bottom so tie rods can be mounted above or below. These holes can also be drilled out for using spherical rod ends.

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04_thumbFor more than 30 years, Classic Instruments has been known for quality, accuracy and reliability. Classic gauges have always been built to competition standards, and now Classic announces its all-new Velocity Series designed to give you a competitive look on the street. The face design features easy-to-read numerals, large indicator needles painted with a special formulate orange metallic paint exclusive to Classic Instruments and non-glare black bezels. The competition designed faces are available in a white or black design. The Velocity series is a perfect upgrade for any ’67-’68 Mustang. Classic gauges carry a full five-year warranty, and are manufactured in the U.S.

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Like all Diamond Back Classics, its AS4 is a good-looking radial tire. The most important feature of the AS4 is that it’s one of the most highly rated tires available for high-performance and specialty cars. The Diamond Back AS4 is a touring class, high-performance radial that comes in 24 matching tread sizes. It’s available in 60, 65 and 70 series, and can be ordered as a whitewall or redline. The AS4 is T-rated for continuous running at 118 mph, with an A-rating for temperature resistance and an A-rating for traction. The Diamond Back AS4 features a non-aggressive tread for a smooth and quiet ride, with a design that lets water escape to help prevent hydroplaning and loss of control on a water-covered road. Its new 2009 catalog is hot off the press, and the best part is that it’s free.

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Photo Car Covers is a unique dust cover made with breathable enviro-tex material. Using digital photo printing technology, the Photo Car Cover is a printed and custom-made replica of your car, allowing you to showcase the car’s beauty while protecting it. All of the covers are handmade, one of a kind, custom printed and sewn exclusively for your car and are made in the U.S.A. Pricing is determined by the square footage of material needed for your car and is unique to each vehicle. Call or visit the website for more information about pricing. Photo Car Covers can also create custom waterproof bike covers, using the same technology as the car covers. Cover your bike…with your bike!

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07_thumbFor 29 years, Horkey’s Wood and Parts has been working with customers to build up complete stock or custom truck beds. With parts like boxsides, front panels, tailgates, crossmembers, bedwood, finishing supplies and stainless hardware in stock, Horkey’s can provide an easy-to-assemble box. Call to discuss a bed or parts for your ’28-’72 truck.

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09_thumbTaylor’s StreeThunder Wire features a low-resistance conductor wrapped in 8mm black silicone and synthetic jacketing, and its 500-ohm-per-foot resistance delivers greater spark energy, while improving power, idle and fuel efficiency. StreeThunder’s construction features a combination Kevlar helically spiral-wound core conductor for greater strength and durability that suppresses Electro Magnetic (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). The matching Black Silicone Boots protect against high exhaust temperatures, and double spring-locking terminals ensure secure vibration- proof connections. StreeThunder wire sets are available in universal, race-fit and vehicle- specific applications. Universal sets are available in, 90-, 135- and 180-degree plug boots with both HEI- and socket-style distributor boots and terminals.

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OER offers 10,000 classic GM parts-interior, sheetmetal, trim pieces and mechanical-that meet or exceed quality of the original and carry the GM seal of approval. Based in Westminster, Calif., OER’s licensing agreement with GM allows that many components are built using original GM blueprints; in some cases, OER will manufacture parts with the original tooling, as its partnership with GM provides access to retired GM tooling. Some items are manufactured using GM tooling in GM plants located in Michigan. OER products manufactured for GM models are officially licensed by General Motors. Every OER product is backed by a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty against factory defects and workmanship. OER products are available at authorized restoration parts suppliers and select GM dealerships nationwide.

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Snap-on comes clean with its new 4-gallon wet/dry vacuum. Powered by a mighty 9-amp motor, the 120-volt unit produces the performance of larger models in a smaller and more consumer-friendly design. The model 93050 produces 180-air watts of suction power that provides ample pick up, while a high-efficiency pleated paper filter is constructed of HEPA-rated material and is 99-percent efficient. It comes with a 20-foot power cord and the tank is constructed of impact- and corrosion-resistant polypropylene. Snap-on has only dealt directly to automotive and trades, but as of March 2009, a full line of Snap-on wet/dry vacuums will be available at select retail locations. Snap-on products are available at Ace Hardware, Advance Auto Parts, Atwood’s, Bass Pro, Big R, Costco, CSK Auto, Rural King, The Andersons, Orscheln, Pep Boys, and

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Dart’s new CNC-machined billet aluminum blocks are dominating the highest levels of auto racing. Machined on precision CNC equipment from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum, Dart billet blocks offer virtually unlimited choices in deck height, cylinder bore centerline, bore diameter and lifter/cam configurations. In addition to GM-based billet blocks, Dart has developed a new Ford-style billet block based on the original Boss 429 design.

Dart’s billet block technology is also available to small-block racers. Continuous increases in power have made the conventional Chevy small-block design marginal in high-output applications, such as sprint cars and off-road trucks. Dart’s new 4.500-inch-bore center billet, aluminum small-block solves the shortcomings of OEM-based designs. Increasing the small-block V-8′s bore centerline dimension from 4.400 inches to 4.500 inches allows substantial increases in cross-sectional area in the highly stressed bottom end, and provides more material around the cylinders to enhance ring seal. The new R07-style head bolt pattern is available.

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