March 16th, 2010

05ThermoStick is a dipstick that shows the temperature of the engine or transmission oil, as well as the oil level. It also has an electronic handle with a digital readout. When the activation button in pressed, the temperature of the oil is displayed with the LCD readout. The handle automatically shuts off in 4-to-5 seconds to preserve battery life, and has a temperature range from 68-to-250 degrees Fahrenheit. ThermoStick is offered as a universal size. The standard stem comes 48 inches long, and can be cut to the user’s desired length. ThermoStick can be used in engines and transmissions for almost all vehicles, including ATVs motorcycles, tractors, marine power systems and generators. ThermoStick’s handle will be offered in black, blue and red colors, with a shiny chrome stem.

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