Thousands Thrilled at JFR Holiday Car Show

April 4th, 2011

By John Force

The 13th annual John Force Racing Holiday Car Show was estimated to be one of the biggest in recent memory by the fans and JFR personnel. A crowd of between 15,000 and 20,000 people enjoyed the sights and sounds on Sunday, December 5 at our Yorba Linda facility throughout the day. More than 1,000 hot rods and custom cars were on display, including talk show host Jay Leno’s completely restored Ford Galaxie. The event would not have been possible without the help and support of the event’s sponsors: SYSTEM 51, Auto Club of Southern California, Villa Ford and ROUSH.

We had a great show, and most importantly, we got a lot of toys for the kids in need. This event gives me some stress because I want to make sure everything is perfect, but all that stress goes away when I see that pile of toys that’s taller than I am. I also want to thank all of the fans who came out and dropped off toys.

The CHiPs for Kids toy drive was the real winner as an estimated 8,000 toys were donated. Many fans brought multiple toys and there were morethan  a dozen bicycles donated by So Cal Challengers Car Club. As always, the driver autograph line was a highlight of the day. All of the drivers, including me, Robert Hight, Ashley Force- Hood, Brittany Force, Courtney Force, Jack Beckman, Tom McEwen and Cory McClenathan along with George Barris and Chip Foose signed for fans in two different autograph sessions.

I get a lump in my throat when I see all of the toys because Christmas was sometimes a tough time of the year for my family when I was growing up. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had a lot of love. We had family and that is what really matters. I want to thank my own family for helping out during the car show, both my real family and my racing family. We had a ton of volunteers who started working before the sun came up on the day of the car show, and they were still working when the sun went down. It was a real team effort. The car show is our latest official event of the race season so I want to say thanks to all our fans and sponsors, especially Castrol, who has been with me for 25 years this year. It was a great season capped with a great championship that everyone contributed to. We’ll go after it again in 2011, so enjoy a break in the racing action, and again, thanks for everything.

Here are all the winners from this year’s car show.


1937 Ford Pickup: Smitty Smith, Mar Vista, CA

1955 Chevy: Kenny Ong, Las Vegas, NV

1940 Ford: Gary Bunker, Las Vegas, NV

1955 Chevy Nomad: Jim Bostick, Anaheim, CA

1965 Chevy Nova: Dan Sewell, La Habra, CA

1955 Chevy 150: Joe Sexton, Yorba Linda, CA

1966 Ford Galaxie: Jay Leno, Burbank, CA

1932 Ford Roadster: Rocky Nash, Murrieta, CA

1966 Chevy Nova: Jason Talley, Murrieta, CA

1968 Mercury Cougar: Deborah Anderson, Riverside, CA

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  1. reefblue (http://www NULL.motortopia says:

    In the article that you just read which was actually written by John Force himself, he neglected to tell you currently what is going on with JFR. First of all , team Force is 4-0 for the 2011 NHRA Funny Car season. Considering that JFR won the last 2 races of 2010 that takes the record to 6-0. Despite losing Austin Coil and Ashley Force [ pregnancy ] along with other personal changes within JFR they are dominating the Funny Car ranks. Mike Neff [ former JF crew chief ] replaced Ashley Force and is using John Force’s car from 2010 and has won 2 of the 4 races so far this season. Besides all of this, JFR has taken the time for this year’s car show/toy drive and then took it one step further by writing the article you just read. John Force is a one of a kind person in the world of drag racing and I am blessed to have been around to see it. Thanks John not only for winning, but for making NHRA drag racing better than you found it. Thanks, The Fan.

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