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Replacing Mustang Fender Sheet Metal

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

We lived through the ‘70s. It was a weird time for many things (i.e.: bell bottom pants) and customizers were doing wild things, many for just plain odd reasons. But many good ideas (i.e.: hot pants) from then remain good today. The difference is how that idea is implemented. One of the hot ideas of the time was to put wide rear tires on the back of your car. This remains popular today, but today the way to get that wide (and tall) tire look is to narrow the rearend and add wheels tubs. Back then, the way to do it was to add flares to the rear fenders and let that rubber hang out in the breeze. Usually made out of fiberglass, the flares were on everything from vans to muscle cars. This classic Mustang was one of these vehicles modified in such a way. (more…)