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  • New Bike!
    Got a new bike!!! '01 GSXR 1000. We are picking it up today!!! It's got a power commander and a full hindle exhaust. I can't freaking wait! I'm so excited to be able to...

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    Sold the GSXR
    I'm so sad, today the GSXR was sold. I loved that bike. But it got sold it to a buddy so at least I will still get to see it sometimes. At least now the Honda can get paid...

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Cool. Are you into customizing or just riding for fun. We all ride for fun or should I say the love of it. I am not riding now because of customizing being done such as paint and chroming and such. Where are you riding in the US if you don't mind me asking.
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What is the group about or do you ust discuss bike stuff from time to time?
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Cool Gsx-R's are they only way to ride. The club I ride with here is mostly Gsx-R's.
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