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Daniel_K_Munroe is keen for people to buy his eBook ($0.99 at Amazon or Smashwords) so he can give up his day job! — updated 3 years ago

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TerryO’s Profile Photo

Very nice BB C3 Mr. Munroe. Sorry to hear about that 'one' day a week thing..lol. But ya gotta keep the partner happy too..
Rickysgal73’s Profile Photo

Yes, thank you, I knew 30 years ago when I bought it for like 1700 dollars that it was truly a "keeper" so when I get it totally restored pics upon pics will grace my garage here! Thanks for the comment!
tamatt79’s Profile Photo

Happy Birthday!!!
MustangGT58266’s Profile Photo

nice vette! love the color
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’s Profile Photo

Cool Book!
Check out www.firebirdconcept.com
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’s Profile Photo

Cool Novel!!!
Check out my site!
Blue62vette’s Profile Photo

Thank you for the comment. I have been in love with cars and corvettes since I was a kid. I really like your 74 with the 454. Great look Corvette and really interesting seeing it shipped in the container. I would be nervous to watching them unpack it. Good luck with it and enjoy driving it.
Bruce Taylor
camaroman’s Profile Photo

Awsome Vette!! I once had a red '73 SuperDuty lol (wish I had never sold it)
orange82’s Profile Photo

Nice Vette, applause image
plum71’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the kind words. That's a good way to put it. Too many in the car hobby practice the "grass is always greener" method rather than appreciating what they have. I like what I like and it suits me. Book sounds interesting. I'll be checking it out.
callmej’s Profile Photo

that's ok, the good guys can't drive a ford or they wouldn't win =P
Gas prices are getting too high so I bought a 95 protege and I want to swap another motor in the crown vic. I'm not sure what kind of motor though, i was thinking of finding a turbo diesel motor that would fit in there or maybe an ls1.

i have a lot of thinking, research and planning to do.
anyway I plan to order a copy of your book, looks like a great read! the cover looks great too
callmej’s Profile Photo

very interesting, i would like to read it
randi’s Profile Photo

thanks for all the comments! yea i'm a lucky girlsmile image i like your vette too!! c6 is really cool, i drove the ls2 one before and wasn't too impressed but the ls3 is really quick. and i love the 73, i told my dad he can never sell it bc i want it haha.
susie62corvette’s Profile Photo

corvettes rule!
GreatMarkdriver’s Profile Photo

hey Dan thanks for the comment,I like that Vette of your's also; last of the big blocks,very nice. Jaime.
big_balla’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comments on my car yours is bad ass to I only like the 1957s and the stingrays so good choice
jays07tgstang’s Profile Photo

Well thank you. You also have some very good looking cars yourself. Have a great week.
cruiser_chick’s Profile Photo

Thanks! It's my dream car.
ASSMAN’s Profile Photo

jebfastlane’s Profile Photo

Nice Vette and I have sent on the site of the book publisher to my son in Omaha Ne. as he is also a writer. Thanks
amy31415’s Profile Photo

Very nice 'Vette, looks pristine!
Itza_76’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment on Goldie! I love your Corvette! Nice plate too!
JerryandMary’s Profile Photo

Hi Daniel
Thanks for the nice comment.
Take care,
claysjavelin’s Profile Photo

Jefro’s Profile Photo

Got to love a big block, my friend is restoring a 68 convertible with a 327 it’s going to be a great ride when he’s done
fergucs’s Profile Photo

cool car and novel idea for a novel... I like it.
jim_sheila’s Profile Photo

Thank's for the comment and might ad that you have a very nice ride also, alway's like the 454.
boozeman’s Profile Photo

Damn...........I hoped that you had a SD....
Love those cars, My sister had a 73 T/A that had a transplanted 454 Chevy in it that was FAST!!!!!!!
I talked her into letting me take for a school dance 2 weeks after I got my license, Well went out with the boys, Got stopped racing and tried to convince the cop I was doing the speed limit because my speedometer said I was doing 45. Well....he asked to point out my speedo and I pointed to my RPM gauge in the dash, Thought he would pee his pants laughing. Still got a ticket but instead of drag racing, 98 in a 45 zone etc...he wrote me up for 52 in a 45.
Oh what fun those cars were and are, Just cant afford one now.
Thanks for the comment by the way.
Crazyfast79TA’s Profile Photo

I always liked those 'Vettes! My friend has a '72 and he always makes fun of the "rubber bumper" models. I think they just look more sleek! That is a fine example you have there! 454 forever! No replacement for displacement!
Soupy’s Profile Photo

I love your cover picture of the SD T/A!
SINISTERGN’s Profile Photo

Nice Vette there! Is that Brewster Green? smile image Please don't take it offroading in the desert! smile image If your reading this and don't get the joke, buy and read Daniels book! Thanks again for the great read!
Brent’s Profile Photo

Nice Corvette and thanks for the messages.
427HISS’s Profile Photo

I agree, Very,......nice !
Pegasus’s Profile Photo

That's a beautiful Vette. Nice work.
DreamCatcher’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment. That's a nice vette.
buddyluv’s Profile Photo

Hey Dan! Every time i check out your pictures i get inspired,you did such a great job on your vetteand made it look sooo good, i keep hearing the Antisapation song over and over again!!! Once again, very nice vehicle!
BigBlueBowtie’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment. That's a nice 'Vette! 454 (cue the Tim Allen grunts)!
1970mustang’s Profile Photo

my car recently got a ticket on it and a 72 hour tow, and since the name on the title was under my dads, he traded for a fixed up 68 mustang, and it is registered unlike my other one, so that blows big dick, but the 68 mustang will still be enjoyable, just wish it were the fastback form
CamaroFreak925’s Profile Photo

OK, i got a brand new pic, no ice,

rate my car
CamaroFreak925’s Profile Photo

I got a pic up now, its one with ice on it, lol
1970mustang’s Profile Photo

yea i didnt have chance to put them on my page because im visiting my gal in santa Cruz cali at the college, and have no reception, will do so this weekend for sure.
CoolShark’s Profile Photo

I have other pictures, but I sold it in 78 and haven't seen them for a while. If I find them, I'll post them. Although I love Vettes, it was my favorite car to drive. I was on a wide curve when I hit 135 and my buddy almost wet his pants, but the TA just hugged the road. They were awesome cars.
CoolShark’s Profile Photo

Looks like you've done a great job with your 454. Love the big blocks. I see you like the Ponchos too. I used to own a 73 Trans Am (not SD, though). Built it and ran it hard. Wish I still had it. Thanks for the positive comment.
Flywheel401’s Profile Photo

Thats what I like to see , a 454, sitting sweet in between a Stingray Fenders . Bet she'll lay you back in the seat and keep you there. Thank's for your comment.
Flywheel401’s Profile Photo

Hi Daniel, Thank's for your comment . Your Stingray sweet! Nice color too.I see you all ready attended a car show this year. I have entered my 71 AMX in Pony Car Showdown III on May 12,2007 in Williamsport, MD. I will up date my "Garage" with Car Show.
SGTBATJAC’s Profile Photo

Very Sweet Stingray, nothing better than a 454.
99999999’s Profile Photo

You couldn't have picked a better car to write a book about. It happens to be MY dream car.
RT10’s Profile Photo

Great Vette!! I love that body style and you sure can't beat one with a big block.
MrPongoSS’s Profile Photo

Very nice Vette you have there! Looking clean and MEAN!!
amurican_muscle’s Profile Photo

gotta love the 454. nice man.
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