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TerryO is still shiftin' gears ;-) And Lovin' It! — updated 1 year ago

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Shotrod64’s Profile Photo

Haven't been on motortopia in eons! Had to check out the pics thanks for sharing!
DollarB2’s Profile Photo

Wow, thanks for sharing pic from Baton Rouge. Beautiful pics, great cars ! Looks like it was a great time.
nessisauto’s Profile Photo

thank you the good guys iss this week end here in az!!
geric’s Profile Photo

Hi, TerryO, No, that Chevelle is not mine. I wish it was! A car sales place that I past one day, I saw two Chevelles, a 68 & 69. Both had 396, and I had to stop and check them both out. They were beautiful!
nessisauto’s Profile Photo

hey did sorry if i did not repily to all your emails my lab top re started
CAMINO396SS’s Profile Photo

Thank you for the welcome.
When I was in my 20-s I worked two jobs so I could buy a Corvette. STILL the BEST car I ever had. Was a 58
with 3 speed. Lived in NY at the time where rust could appear before you could make the last payment on anything else on wheels. Nice ride you have. 396
CudaChick1968’s Profile Photo

The car has really come around Terry! Congrats on a fine job -- you should be very proud!
Balboa777’s Profile Photo

love ur cars man! smile image
conniehammonds’s Profile Photo

Nice vet!! I used to have 1 of those too. 2002 but yours is much prettier.
SueD1960’s Profile Photo

I love your story about your passion for cars. Almost made me cry. How sweet!
C5_CHICK’s Profile Photo

hey thanks for taging my photos you have to make it out Id love to meet ya biggrin image they had a special convoy from Cali to Calisle this year that was amazing 3500 miles LOL
chameleon95’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comments and the votes! smile image
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

Happy BirthDay Bud!
Frog’s Profile Photo

Thank you Terry!!!!
SickSpeedMonte’s Profile Photo

Thank you very much for the congrats! Congrats to you too, very well deserved! I love C3's.
RancheroBoy’s Profile Photo

Thank you very much on the CROW comments. It was a surprise to receive. Very much appreciated.
transam_blondie’s Profile Photo

Thank you so much for the kind words, i wish i was hahatongue image &again thank you! I hope soon, i can get my trans am going the way i wantsmile image
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

Wow man, the engine scenerio sounds hetic! Sorry to hear of Black Beauties moment! With 150K it may just be that time! At least it's not cruise season yet, and better in the garage then on the freeway somewhere. Well if you were thinking Moded Motor I suppose this would be the time, hey what's a few hundered more horses, sounds like one mean Azz Vette!
Do It!!
camaroking’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the coment.Zpite is the name on the car.Zpite means evil savage smile image
C5_CHICK’s Profile Photo

lol yeah im getting my 15 seconds of fame in 3 second intervuals.
susie62corvette’s Profile Photo

Well of course I would be that way... that is the way my life is....I only say what I feel. Like oh crap I'm turning 50 on the 9th! the young boy across the street told me I am okay its onnly 1/2 the way to 100! My grandson said granma you look like 20 don't say 50. (he is 9) the other 12 yr old said grandma really the truth I would say I ws 27 you look younger then mom. Ouch! Glad I don't see her. lol Hugs Susie
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

Hey Terry how are you? I hope all is well in your world...and the T-day was filling!
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

Hi Terry Awesome Pics fromt he show...Unreal Rides!
Thanks for the show!
formulas7002’s Profile Photo

Hi Terry, Thanks for the compliments on my 70 Formula. You have picked two excellent Vettes for your stable as well!
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

Hi Terry, and I am truly digging your Vette, just a fantastic car! Man thanks so much for the kudos on my TA and the custom paint I had done, yea Spider is one of the best out this way.
Thanks again, I truly appreicate it!
JessicaMarie’s Profile Photo

Thanks for all the photo comments!! That Chevy is actually just a sedan though. We chopped the hell out of it and turned the backglass upside down so now it sort of looks like a fast back. Its a very old trick. I'm working on posting tons of more photos of it. Its actually done now but I don't update on here unless it seems like someone is actually interested.
Jessica Marie
crystalrose’s Profile Photo

GREAT story!!! ? I am sure your wife is with you in spirit, when you drive your "Lil Angel" Congrats on getting that car, as well as the other. Dreams can come ture, I am happy yours did!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my photos!!!!!

Enjoy, Crystal ? Rose
doug112’s Profile Photo

Great story
susie62corvette’s Profile Photo

nice photo's Terry.
Hugs Susie
Daniel_K_Munroe’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the informed and kind comments on my Vette. Your story is similar to mine, re the aged 15 love affair, mine with a one year old '74 big block - and a 30 year delay in being able to but one for myself. Then just after I buy a green '74, I meet the love of my life ... and Jane's favorite color on a car is dark green! How cool is that? Anyway, I digress. I meant to say that I love your Vettes. Nice work! DKM
melsgtp’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the nice comments Terry.
1 Sweet Vette
carfanatic1’s Profile Photo

I enjoyed viewing your "Black Beauty" album and am impressed with the work you've done on her. Congratulations!
chevelle69’s Profile Photo

that was coool nice rides
no1camaro’s Profile Photo

Sweet rides!
GreenCamaro74LT’s Profile Photo

hey thanks for the comments. Everything is stock except the rims, spoiler, and i put in a head unit. I have the original wheels though with the white walls but there just not my style.
MommysTA’s Profile Photo

Wow, lotta info in your garage..Cool!
ErikaMarie’s Profile Photo

Have you seriously not seen all the drama that comes out of car clubs??? Especially when girls join? lol No thanks.
C5_CHICK’s Profile Photo

hey thanks for all the photo comments. I had a 74 and a 85 before. I saw yours wow nice rides.. I installed the Lingenfelter intake dont the brakes those are Motorsport rims (had the wagonwheel rims on before) did not do the big mods though frown image Im about to take it to East Coast Supercharging today to do the heads and cams. I got over 250k in miles on it to lol I love that...
dragon_chick_99’s Profile Photo

what an awesome garage! love the vettes. and that is awesome your son is buying muscle instead of rice!
BIG_JON’s Profile Photo

you brought huim up right, wanting a chevy and all!
Ames’s Profile Photo

Thank you for your photo comments!! smile image
no1camaro’s Profile Photo

Sweet Vettes!!
Charmed1’s Profile Photo

saw some nice Vettes today but I knew where there were a couple I liked better...*wink. Thanks for all the comments, Torgy!!
chevy66babe’s Profile Photo

I always call the Vette-Babe's sporty sibling.
They used to be made at old Chevy plant in St. Louis, the same place where Babe rolled off the line.
Logan112188’s Profile Photo

Gotta love the Vettes... Nice choice of cars... My truck was a 2003 but it is my baby... Besides going on dates with the girlfriend- thats where my money goes.
Logan112188’s Profile Photo

Gotta love the Vettes... Nice choice of cars... My truck was a 2003 but it is my baby... Besides going on dates with the girlfriend- thats where my money goes.
johnegun’s Profile Photo

great job on your pics in the Photo Albums . I'm still in the run mode for parts and stuff. Hard for me to wait for people to clear. Gotta cut down on the COFFEE
astar4u’s Profile Photo

aww, shux. thanx!!!
tazz’s Profile Photo

Yo Torgy, I dont even have you in my friends section yet. I thought you had requested it, I`m still in the learning stages of this club workin`s & all. Plus I`ve been real busy @ work. Tazzo
Charmed1’s Profile Photo

love the pictures, Torg!!
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