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bencar is wondering if Goldylocks Even Works For Motortopia Anymore — updated 1 year ago

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do you remember my 73 grand am that was a total rust bucket but it as 1 owner car with 50 some thousand mile, it had been it storage for 20 years but 16 years of illinois road slat had already done it damage. was your friends 73 pontiac as rusted out as my grand am. what surprised about my grand awas there wasn't any rust in the cowl/fire wall rad support or under the vinly top or front or back windows . repalced the doors with ca rust free .cut the dog legs off a pair of 77 lemans fender and weld them onto my 73 fenders. first we mounted the complete 77 fendero the 73 and we all stood there and looked at it and some thing was right. then after staring at for a while it hit some one the the 77 fende didn't have aside marke lightt in the fender. it was in the header panel. A friend of mine picked me up pair of 77 fenders that where beat to s_it on the tops but the dog legs where perfect so we cut the dog legs of that set of fenders. which left me with a 77 lemans fender i litterley could not give it away.so ended in the scrape pile at locale yard . i jsut don't have enough room and the shop had stripped to bare metal and it turn to rust after sitting outside my garage for 6 months. the sad thing is some poor guy in the midwest or east coast could have used on a lemans or can am
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Nice looking trans am, also belong to the pontiac/Oakland club international and national firebird trans am club along with the charter oak firebirds out of Connecticut.
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Thx for the add!! Wicked rides
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