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db67tranny is Still Broke!! — updated 5 years ago

  • Age: 50
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Neptune Beach, Florida
    United States
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Jus added 2 more shows to my blog
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Cool surf board!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’s Profile Photo

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Very nice collection you have there..
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I like the surfboard, even though I don't even know how to swim. Cool garage, some cars are older than Babe.
gbodydude’s Profile Photo

Thtas a badass surfboard!!!!!
texascwgrl’s Profile Photo

If you are ever in the area... Look me up!
kruch’s Profile Photo

man sweet truck and bangin cars i gata cum down there to try some swampmudin lol
db67tranny’s Profile Photo

it's summer time, time for good surf ,hot rods, and cute girlz
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Mmmm... I'm with lilhotrod... fantastic board! Thanks for all the nice comments smile image
99999999’s Profile Photo

That is the COOOOOLEST surf board!!!!!
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nice garage man biggrin image
99999999’s Profile Photo

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! biggrin image
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Hey man, its Tim. Thanks for everything at the bandit run. Howws things been going?
Ramair1’s Profile Photo

Sammy, (just kidding) even though you look like Sammy Hagar and I know you can't drive 55. We had a great time with you guys on the Bandit Run. Keep that TA running so we'll be ready for the next run to Boston for some Clam Chowder (ha ha) maybe they can make this a 5yr event, that way it will always be a mile stone event (35yrs). By the way what is your name is it Shane from what I gather on your plates or am I thinking of some one elses plates? Any way you take care and keep those wings flying on that TA.
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