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    :-/ so im driving the second stringer now and all of a sudden i hear heinous clunking from under the car. but hmmm.. no vibrations in the stick. what could it be? jacked it up,...

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    c'est la vie
    with racing comes risk. just something you have to accept. i guess the pictures will speak 1000 words. have a look. ive got to get ready for the insurance adjuster :-(

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    the boxes are starting to come in and im having a blast watching and DRIVING my ram as it progresses. i have tons of photos to upload and more parts to put in.. stay tuned! any...

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thanks nice car yourself!
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I will have pics of my mazda 626 on friday
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lol i got em at Charlotte Russe for like five bucks lol! i'd never buy expense sunglasses i'd never wear them and when i would, i'd break em
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