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long time

By gothic_smurf_89

i need to start coming back on this site
long time for updates i did on this site

so who all comes on yet,,,
well car been off road again for another 2 years
don't mean it aint running and such
it is
i just need a few front alignment and another battery and shes good

got a few more factory option stock parts and gonna be getting some more

found a few other stock parts some later models had that i be getting just cause

still looking for parts from a few other vehicle

will post some pics up of things i have got though and projects i am gonna be dewing

long time update

By gothic_smurf_89

wow lets see last post i really recall is getting engine back in
dew to being hit 3 days later and wire issue,,, it running and found alot of issue i had from being hit
both front wheel bearings got blown
so after 4 wheel bearing..junkyard for now till i know nomore gonna break.and breaking 2 stock rims
then re align kinda.still waiting to get to an shop
been running good
really no issue except for the wheel bearings
runs good.fires up when battery aint dead
still needs some work yet

last year i did pick up a few parts
lambo doors.halo headlights.2.4 istake.i am gonna cut up and use.another set of after market tail lights.sold them already
and n 85 chrysler lebaron 2.2 turbo i am gonna use
after many hours of cleaning that up...still need alot of parts yet to make it work
hope this year i can get some driven on it
since everything been back in.maybe got 50 miles on it.not much but the issue i had.ugh
first run over the mtns...i blow an wheel bearing apart.only thing held it on was the axel nut.wheel and everything.lost brakes cause roter wasnt solid anymore.lucky i had another ready to go

so yea.lets hope for good thinsg this year
and least hope to get the turbo mocked up this year

an year later

By gothic_smurf_89

about time so good news
acutally about 7 days before an year since i pulled engine and trans
i got it back in
all painted up and looking good
install went good but with 4 freinds helping hell yea

had a lil trouble starting it.fuel pump relay went bad.not the fuse,the box inside engine carparment so i need to replace or just get an new relay thing.or leave it as is which i dont like

broke the shift cable.while taking out or putting it in
had to order new one
had an hard time finding an sep belt that whould work cause i no longer have a/c nor did i use the bypass.went from 85 inch belt to an 59

then the accicdent
man that hurt me and my dad,cause we needed the car
i was trying to rush to get my back on road but nothing good
i have an fuel leak problem which i am sure is about to be fixed

i have got alot of new car parts which i will be uploading when i get them on

been working on my dad had a few that done
still needs wheel bearing which we got.and rear strut is bad

thats whats been going on

getting closer

By gothic_smurf_89

getting really close from having an running car again.whooo
last oct i pulled my engine n trans.mainly cause i blow the trans
and to get engine -trans-and fire wall cleaned and painted up
well got engine n trans out and found a whole list of problems

mainly suspension
mostly just bad bushing
which most are replace now
upgrade my stock 15mm sway bar to an stock 24mm sway bar
oh hell yea
to find the stock 24mm one is so hard.and i got it

got another set of rims and tires i am gonna be theys tick out.just what i want
215 50 15
i know i can run an 225 50 15 if i wanted to

and on to moving my battery now
not in trunk like most people though
so working on that now

so close to having it running though
just need to get a few things for engine n trans
and fix a few broken wires and etc
and its time

can not wait
stay tuned

sad.semi happy.alot of pain

By gothic_smurf_89

as some of you know.i blow my transmission early 2011.for over an year i been dealing with getting parts and trying to save money
well September this year it went into effect
somehow manage to get 100 bucks and talk dude into selling me trans for 100
thats an start

last week,after all the bs i went though to get my rims n tires.late dec 2010.and 5 days after trans went
i was able to sale them for parts and stuff i was gonna need for this trans deal

well so far.just in parts and tools and still dont know what else i need or wanna replace

i am $250 into parts so far
$50 into tools
and in a lot of pain

aka meaning i am broke for now

main thing i wanna do is paint everything so right now i have to save again for that

but it is gonna be worth the wait cause i waited this long
i want things to be good and strong and looking nice n clean

so right now.its just sitting and waiting to be cleaned prepped and painted
then the rebuild can start with the new parts

new parts consist of
tie rod with greese fitting
ball joints with greese fitting
energy suspenion sway bar bushing greeseable
energy suspenion sway bar end links
trans fluid n filter + lucus
oil n filter + lucus
serpentine belt w/o ac
led license plate night
10000k hid headlights
valve cover gasket

hope thats it so far but we will see

other past time

By gothic_smurf_89

another hobby of my besides cars and lionel trains
had 1 set for 22 years and other maybe after about 19 yeas of not really playing with it.i recently got back into all new transformers.and a few new cars and engine.something i always wanted was an tanker car and switch tracks.fanially after 20 years i got to move onto a few other things i want and work on an layout for it been messing with it on boring cold rainy its getting warm out again probley wont be playing with it as much but we will see

whats new

By gothic_smurf_89

Whats been going on
not much here
just working on a few projects for the year

need to find someone with an cnc machine or an leay to make me a few parts i need so i can get other stuff done
had 1 shop was supped to make me an part but 2 months later.not heard from or even been started on,very not happy about that and will not receive my service or recommand to anyone

i do have a few new pictures loaded up
hope to get alot of stuff done this year
and get it ready for next year to enjoy cruise time and go to some shows and meet some new freinds

still looking for alot of parts i need to help with my build.if you wanna help me.write me and i tell or explain what i need and looking for

newest update

By gothic_smurf_89

been about 2 months since i posted any updates

this is whats new.order 2 parts last month,an universal oil catch can.which i got hooked up.don't like where i put it but might move it later on

also order an universal fuel pressure regulator.need to get an adaptor and bracket made for that yet

i got a few other future projects i am working on and getting mocked up for when the time comes.what are they.not saying what they are yet but once i start i post

getting ready to get my tranny.its not an 5 speed like i wanted but least i be able to go crusin again

got plans for next year...diff wanna try to hit up an road course and see what i can do on it
yes i have an cavy but i don't care

alot of future plans i have for it
not an show car if thats what anyone thinking i am building

to me its just an daily driver that aint stock.
so we will see what comes and happen when it does
who knows with me it can be anything

whats new

By gothic_smurf_89

well lets see.since the smurf/asain girl plate,,

replaced my rad hose on my car.still waiting to replace the other hoses.anyone know anyone who sales blue silicone hoses sizes 3/4 and 3/8 let me know
also got clamp covers also.have to load pics up

also my hood release broke so finally order hood it makes every car i had,had hood pins now.once again
i do gotta say,having the right tools.makes job this case,having nice good drill bits,made it easier n being

on my dads Corsica,replaced the alt 3 weeks ago
then today replaced both sway bar end links
ended up hurting my arm worse.still hurts.had an sharp pain run though it...not being able to finish the job,really sucked.but my dad finish runs better,no more cracking when going around turns.i load pics up on his profile for that

as for me,things i wanted to order.not happening.person don't do combined shipping
so working on ordering other things,so if this goes though.i post and update on that

so thats my monthly news,so far

Smurf went to see Smurf'd

By gothic_smurf_89

heres an new
tooked my smurf with me opening night of the smurfs movie.he had to watch also
whoundt of been right if he wasnt with me

wished my car was painted
when i brought my smurf lil girl said mommy look,an smurf
cheered me up..i like moments like that

How good is parts

By gothic_smurf_89

so how good is after market parts on your ride
i have a few parts now thats been past down from car to car

like my muffler.yes its an fart can.but
i had it for 8 years already,been on 5 different cars
still get it to shine
still got an great sound and peformance.
i guess its true.u pay for what you get.this was well worth it.
honstaly.first and last muffler i brought

my pedals are about 5 years old.2nd car

same as some other parts

then who knows how old parts is from other people i

so post up.what after market parts you got
how long
and how many

been down

By gothic_smurf_89

havnted posted anything new really or done much really lately
june 21 i had to put my dog down that i had for 17 years
then my dads brake lines busted on his car.had to take my dog to erie...3 hours where his sis is buried,,,got that done
then my dad had surgey june 22,,,all that went good

the brakes was 1 thing after another,first it was an wheel clyinder.then an brake line,then other side,then another,omg.i hate chevy brakes,long story about that 1

but got it done and working and got it inspected

so hopefully now i can start back to doing things and getting things done,

just been down lately.

racing seats

By gothic_smurf_89

just picked up an pair of racing seats for $50.not to bad ,least there match,driver side has an tear,and idk how he molifield the stock cavalier brackets for the seats so once i get some money i am gonna order some new brackets for them

well being cheap like i wanted,once i get my interior work,i cna get them redone to match,kinda why i wnated n cheap used set,
guy thinks there apc.he brought the car off an father son z24 project,,

there ok for cheap as they are.
leats there gonna work from the stock seats i had

sanding n prime

By gothic_smurf_89

start last sunday,1 panel at an time
i sanded and prime my whole car.except for pass door which is gonna be replaced and under the tail lights

18 hours of total time involved 14 1.2 is mines
and 3 1/2 hours with the help of an freind who helped with my front bumper

to see it all one color after 2 years is wow amazing ,better then factory cause bumpers was black

the fun starts now,to mold my flares.and change door handles soon

this is an big move and upgrade to the work
check out the pics and etc and enjoy

dec parts

By gothic_smurf_89

wow what an month i have to say
started with that drift rear bumper.since may after i was screwed out of an bomber gt ploy rera bumper i have been looking one.i did some work on an freinds car and was on craiglist that night,shockin at 4am i found one for $25 and 2 1/2 hours away.he sold it to me for $20 and $30 in gas so not that bad
it has an minor cracks that easy fix but better then $380 new

then i came across an scoote 2 fiberglass hood.$100.almost didnt get it but lucky the person who wnated it,didnt get abck in contact with this dude,,had to wait to weeks but i got it for $80.well worth it

then inspection coming up..and no money,so i sold my xbox.had an set of 17's lined up...wanted $ him to $230 and 20 for gas...decent tread on them 2

then i call the hood guy back up cause he ahs an spoiler i want,,tell me to come get it,i can have it

what an month....the exterior is almost ready for paint,gotta fix a few things now and get new doors but shes ready,,,
so be checking soon for paint updates i hope

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