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Meet 2012 1st place chrome bumper B - '67 B-GT of Peter Richardson The AMGBA is North America's oldest and largest club for all MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets. A nonprofit organization which was founded in 1975 and offers magazines, emagazines, technical advice, member recommendations on service, body and parts sources, registration of your MG, a tradition of service and FREE member classified ads that appear in the Octagon magazine AND on the AMGBA website (http://www.mgclub.org or www.amgba.com or www.americanmgbassociation.com ).

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(top photo:  - '67 B-GT of Peter Richardson - Meet 2012 1st place chrome bumper MGB

- Frank Ochal, President

This issue contains:
Events Calendar
Classified Ads
AMGBA Meet 2012 - Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Queen B -
'79 B of T. V. Weaver
'80 B of Flo Cyr
Technical Section - Questions and Answers - Bleeding Brakes
Club Website, Message Board, Blog and Photo Gallery
Club Information

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Events Calendar


3    All British Car Day, Boerne, TX.  More info at 210-824-8441 or mgrollers@yahoo.com .


24     17th Annual All British Swap Meet & Autojumble, DuPage Co. Fairgrounds, Wheaton, IL. Jim Evans at 630-858-9192, swapmeet@chicagolandmgclub.com or www.britishcarswap.info.


29-June2     British Car Week National Meet in Hot Springs, Arkansas, www.britishcarweeknationalmeet.org .


15     British Field Day 2013, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT. www.britishfieldday.com . Email Bill Davis at: wld3rd@gmail.com or Jon Hermance at: jhermance@earthfax.com 


8     27th Annual Chicagoland British Car Festival at Harper College, Palatine, IL, www.britishcarunion.com .

Please submit news of your event. Events appear on our website at www.mgclub.org, on our message board at http://board.amgba.com, in the printed Octagon, in the emailed eOctagon and on Facebook and Twitter.  Email to events@mgclub.org.   

Classified Ads


1967 MGB. Red with Red interior. Original. Have heritage. New suspension. Runs well. Looks good. Owned since 1992. Need garage space. $6500. ffite@att.net or call John 770-535-1056. *

1971 MGB. Butterscotch/black. Estate - sale purchase, one owner since new, mechanically refurbished modernized, new top, otherwise un-restored original condition. $7,000.00 O.B.O. 304-263-4174. WV

1977 MGB 1977 MGB. Medium blue, black interior and top. Car was purchased by a friend in 1987. He had the body work done, car repainted and a new top put on. I got the car in 1999. I put in new carpet, door panels, seat, head rest covers and padding. Extra parts. Garage keep. 88,500 miles. $4,900. Call Ed 708-751-0528. **

1979 B 1977 MGB. $9,750. 58,000 miles, runs great; always garaged, excellent condition, no rust; wire spoke wheels; tonneau cover, bra, spare spoke wheel; NEW: carpet (floor and trunk), top, boot, radio, clutch, water pump, and fuel pump; rebuilt dual SU carbs. cmooney@law.upenn.edu . **

1979 MGB. Chocolate/milkshake. Photo - documented restoration on rust-free car using steel - bumper suspension, rebuilt 1972 engine with no-lead head, Weber carb, performance exhaust. $9,000.00. O.B.O. 304-263-4174 WV.

1980 MGB Limited Edition. Black ext., Black int., always garaged. 22,753 original miles. Sony AM/FM/CD player CDX 3700. $15,000. Call 618-635-3788 or 618-635-8089. IL


1963 Engine with transmission, carb, tach drive. Have been in garage and shed for 20 years. $550 or offer. Ph.: 812-371-9111. IN *

MGB Seat Set. New custom upholstery installed over new foam and webbing on refurbished frames. Includes new teardrop style head rests. Black with Red piping. $1125.00 plus shipping. Roger at 763-420-8159 or rljlolson@embarqmail.com . *

MG Original sales brochures: 1965-62, $35; 1963-68, $25; 1969-70, $18, 1971-80, $15. $4.95 shipping. Specify year, model. Have other MG models plus most cars/trucks, worldwide. Walter Miller, 6710 Brooklawn, Syracuse, NY 13211. 315-432-8282. fax; 315-432-8256. www.autolit.com . (in every issue)

MG Official shop manuals: $20-$42; parts manuals; $30-$48; Owners manuals: $19 Purchase & restoration guides: $19-$38; other books also. Ph: 206-721-3077, www.books4cars.com . (in every issue)

Parts for your MGB, MGB-GT and Midget at http://partssearch.mgclub.org. Also parts for all MGs and other vehicles! (in every issue)

OCTAGON ADVERTISERS (including Insurance, Parts, Publications, Service)


MG Midget hardtop wanted. Any condition. Please call Greg Abrams 805-405-3617 or email at gsabrams@msn.com . *

ORIGINAL leather covered seat bottom in red with black piping for 1966 MGB-GT. Either entire seat bottom or just cover as long as no tears. Allan at 860-721-7825 or email: allantrifiro@sbcglobal.net .*


35th Annual American MGB Association Meet 2012 and Brits on the Beach 2012, Ocean Grove, NJ. More info at www.mgclub.org  and at 773-769-7084 . Sponsored by Positive Earth Driver's Club, 732-620-2378 or show@PEDC.org , www.PEDC.org .

John Twist has reopened University Motors and continues the path he chose so many years ago. 2012 should prove to be an exceptional year. The MG Summer Party Reunion will be on August 17-19, 2012 and it will feature the pull handle MGB (62-64) in conjunction with the VSCDA and MG Vintage Racers. Contact him for all your MG needs at 616-301-2888 and www.universitymotorsltd.com .

Swap meet ads are free to AMGBA members.  Ads appear on our website, in the printed Octagon, in the emailed eOctagon, on the club website message board and on Facebook and Twitter. For others and for commercial suppliers the rate is $15.00 for 35 words or less.  See more info in the AD RATES area of our website.  (* appeared in last issue, ** appeared in previous issues)

AMGBA Meet 2012 and Brits on the Beach in Ocean Grove, New Jersey

AMGBA Meet 2012 and Brits on the Beach 2012

American MGB Association’s 35th Annual Meet - AMGBA MEET 2012 - for the MGB, MGB-GT & Midget - Ocean Grove, New Jersey - September 15, 2012.
story by Bruce Magers, photos by Frank Ochal

The American MGB Association (AMGBA) a nationally recognized organization headquartered in Chicago for MGB's, MGB-GT's and Midgets held it's 35th annual meet on September 15th, 2012 in Ocean Grove, New Jersey on the famous Jersey shore. The gathering was in conjunction with Brits on the Beach 15th annual British Car Day sponsored by the Positive Earth Drivers Club (PEDC).

The show was staged on a two block section of the main street of Ocean Grove just two blocks from the ocean and the boardwalk. Ocean Grove is a charming town featuring many restaurants, interesting shops and numerous Victorian homes. The weather was perfect which only added to the already ideal setting.

Approximately 150 cars representing every marque from MGs to Morgans and Rolls Royce to Riley were represented. There was a low-key popular vote. All of the MGB's, MGB-GT's and Midget winners received trophies sponsored by the AMGBA.

In addition to the cars there was a DJ playing music ranging from the 40's to the present which added greatly to the festivities.

The AMGBA officers were busy all day enrolling new members and processing regalia sales. It was great to see our chief technical adviser, Art Isaacs at the show. We were also surprised when the American MGB Association founders, Rick Horan and John Giannasca stopped by to say hello.

In spite of the fact that the event was held on the Jersey Shore and in addition to numerous reports there was no official sighting of Snookie from the MTV Show "Jersey Shore"!! Maybe next year?

The AMGBA wishes to thank Bob Canfield and his fellow members of the PEDC for hosting such a well organized event. Information on next years show can be obtained by going to their website at www.pedc.org. Information on next year's AMGBA Meet 2013 can be found at www.mgclub.org.

Award Winners

MGB Chrome Bumper

1. Peter Richardson, '67 B-GT

2. Reg Savoy, '64 B Roadster

3. Robert Waldron, '62 B Roadster

MGB Rubber Bumper

1. Carolyn Baranowski, '75 B Roadster

2. Al Kernagis, '80 B Limited Edition

3. Barry Shandler, '79 B Roadster

1st place Chrome Bumper MGB  - '67 B-GT of Bill Richardson

3rd place Chrome Bumper MGB - '62 B of Robert Waldron

1st place Chrome Bumper MGB  -
'67 B-GT of Peter Richardson

3rd place Chrome Bumper MGB -
'62 B of Robert Waldron

AMGBA Officers past and present - Bruce Magers, Rick Horan, John Giannasca and Frank Ochal

3rd place Rubber MGB - '79 B of Barry Shandler

AMGBA Officers past and present - Bruce Magers, Rick Horan, John Giannasca and Frank Ochal

3rd place Rubber Bumper MGB -
'79 B of Barry Shandler

'72 B of Bill Arnold

'72 B of Bill Arnold

Art Isaacs of our Tech Staff with his '73 B

Bob Canfield, event organizer with Bruce Magers

'76 Midget of Mary Marchese

Bob Canfield, event organizer with Bruce Magers

'76 Midget of Mary Marchese

Queen B

This issue's Queen B is the '79 B of T. V. Weaver here is his story:

Here is my '79 MGB with overdrive and under 11,000 original miles. Everything works great on it and it gets 30.6 mpg using premium gas. It is a great car and I had it restored in 2011.

'79 B of T. V. Weaver '79 B of T. V. Weaver

'80 B of Flo Cyr

'80 B of Flo Cyr along with her granddaughter, Casey. She just turned 16 years of age and she is driving now with a permit. This was the first time she had ever driven a standard shift car and when she came back home she said "your car is hard to drive!" but the first time she sat in it she said "Wow!".

'80 B of Flo Cyr '80 B of Flo Cyr

Technical Section - Questions and Answers

Please note: Questions and answers and Upkeep and Performance Hints are provided for information and advice purposes. No liability either express or implied is assumed by reliance on the information presented either by the writers or the AMGBA.

Some or all of the below is from our message board at http://board.amgba.com, Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/americanmgbassociation and website in the technical section at http://mgclub.org/mgtech.htm and this is just a part of what appears there and in the member magazine.

Also be sure to see our message board on our website and Facebook group for immediate help from fellow members.

Bleeding Brakes 

Q:     I bled my brakes. When my wife would press on the brake pedal, and with the bleed screw open only a trickle of fluid would come out. This is with the reservoir full of fluid. All 4 brakes did the same. I remember a stream of fluid when I did this before.

I have taken the car to a mechanic (questionable ability) and he is ordering a new master cylinder. I have asked him where the fluid went. He doesn't know at this point. Sometimes I think that I am better off doing all of this myself. Getting too old to crawl around under cars though.

If the fluid is draining into the booster, how do I get the fluid out of there, or will the brakes push the fluid out when the new master cylinder is installed?

Thanks again Art. Hope all is going well with you. I will let you know how this works out.

Lyle Abel


A:     Likely it is the master cylinder, so that's a good move. The lack of flow bleeding may be due to internal bypass in the master (the fluid just sloshing around the pistons because of bad seals instead of generating pressure) or draining out the back seal to the booster.

It could also be a blockage, like at the pressure-cross valve on the firewall under the master. You should check the failure switch for leakage as well as that can drain the system. Still, you would see a puddle somewhere outside the car.

If the oil is in the booster, it will have to be drained. Possibly replaced, as the fluid will destroy its seals. Most times, it is carried off to the engine through the vacuum tube and burned off. Small amounts would not even be seen as smoke.

All needs to be check. At near 35, a car's life is like dog years and some of these components are at 2-3 times their life expectancy.

Good luck and keep me posted.

Art Isaacs

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