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February 2013


'69 Midget of Karl Haldorson The AMGBA is North America's oldest and largest club for all MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets. A nonprofit organization which was founded in 1975 and offers magazines, emagazines, technical advice, member recommendations on service, body and parts sources, registration of your MG, a tradition of service and FREE member classified ads that appear in the Octagon magazine AND on the AMGBA website (http://www.mgclub.org or www.amgba.com or www.americanmgbassociation.com ).

Welcome to the latest edition of the eOctagon.  We suggest printing this out for ease of reading and for reference.  This is the February issue of your newsletter.  Please continue to send us any comments and/or suggestions.  

Please note: The next issue of the printed Octagon (March) will be mailed in February to our members that receive the printed version.

(top photo:  - '69 Midget of Karl Haldorson

- Frank Ochal, President

This issue contains:
Events Calendar
Classified Ads
2012 University Motors Summer Party Reunion in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Queen B - '
71 B-GT of Dennis Haag
'72 B and '73 B of Van Moore
Technical Section - Questions and Answers - Carburetors
Club Website, Message Board, Blog and Photo Gallery
Club Information

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Events Calendar


24     17th Annual All British Swap Meet & Autojumble, DuPage Co. Fairgrounds, Wheaton, IL. Jim Evans at 630-858-9192, swapmeet@chicagolandmgclub.com or www.britishcarswap.info.


23     23rd Annual British Car Day, New Orleans, LA. Don Marpe at 504-812-8611 or bdmarpe@att.net or website: www.bmcno.org .


13     WBCC British & European Car Show, Williamsburg, VA. Roy at rgmgb65@hotmail.com , www.wmbgbrit.com .


29-June2     British Car Week National Meet in Hot Springs, Arkansas, www.britishcarweeknationalmeet.org .

31-June 1     29th Annual British Bash, Louisville, KY. Greg at 502-727-9246 or gbwmn007@gmail.com , www.britishbash.com .


9    Annual British Motor Gathering, Hellertown, PA. show@keystonemg.com or www.keystonemg.com/hellertown.html . More events at www.mgclub.org/mgcal.htm .

15    British Field Day 2013, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT. www.britishfieldday.com . Email Bill Davis at: wld3rd@gmail.com or Jon Hermance at: jhermance@earthfax.com.


1-3     TRF Summer Party, Armagh, PA. Theme "County Fair". trfmail@aol.com , www.the-roadster-factory.com


8     27th Annual Chicagoland British Car Festival at Harper College, Palatine, IL, www.britishcarunion.com .


5-6     British Car Show, San Diego, CA. craig.m@roadrunner.com , www.sandiegobritishcarday.org .

Please submit news of your event. Events appear on our website at www.mgclub.org, on our message board at http://board.amgba.com, in the printed Octagon, in the emailed eOctagon and on Facebook and Twitter.  Email to events@mgclub.org.   

Classified Ads


I am downsizing my MG collection. Please call for information on my concours MGC, survivor '76 Midget with 9,900 miles, 1979 MGB survivor with 9,800 miles, 1978 Supercharged MGB, 1980 MGB V6 conversion, 1974 1/2 MGB-GT. 631-988-5087 ask for Marc.

1966 MGB, clear title, all parts present, fair condition, drove OK before stored inside, floor pans installed, new tires with steel wheels, pictures can be sent, $1500. Tim at 419-271-2227 Northern Ohio. *

1971 MGB. Butterscotch/black. Estate - sale purchase, one owner since new, mechanically refurbished modernized, new top, otherwise un-restored original condition. $7,000.00 O.B.O. 304-263-4174. WV *

1977 MGB 1977 MGB. Medium blue, black interior and top. Car was purchased by a friend in 1987. He had the body work done, car repainted and a new top put on. I got the car in 1999. I put in new carpet, door panels, seat, head rest covers and padding. Extra parts. Garage keep. 88,500 miles. $3,900. Call Ed 708-751-0528.

'79 MG Midget 1979 MG Midget. Runs good, looks good. Lots of new parts - Weber carb. $3,800. O.B.O. Call Skip at 931-387-4924. TN *

1980 MGB Limited Edition. Black ext., Black int., always garaged. 22,753 original miles. Sony AM/FM/CD player CDX 3700. $15,000. Call 618-635-3788 or 618-635-8089. IL *


Parts for 1971 - 1974 MGB. Top frame, standard folding - $90; 1-1/2 S.U. carbs (HS4) - $100; twin S. U. manifold for HS4 - $50; heat shield for above - $25; exhaust manifold - $30; Rostyle 14" wheels (4) - $40 ea.; 4-speed transmission - $100; 1971 L. H. door w/dent - $50. Prices plus shipping. Armand Breard at 318-322-5979. Louisiana. *

1963 Engine with transmission, carb, tach drive. Have been in garage and shed for 20 years. $550 or offer. Ph.: 812-371-9111. IN **

MGB Seat Set. New custom upholstery installed over new foam and webbing on refurbished frames. Includes new teardrop style head rests. Black with Red piping. $1125.00 plus shipping. Roger at 763-420-8159 or rljlolson@embarqmail.com . **

MG Original sales brochures: 1965-62, $35; 1963-68, $25; 1969-70, $18, 1971-80, $15. $4.95 shipping. Specify year, model. Have other MG models plus most cars/trucks, worldwide. Walter Miller, 6710 Brooklawn, Syracuse, NY 13211. 315-432-8282. fax; 315-432-8256. www.autolit.com . (in every issue)

MG Official shop manuals: $20-$42; parts manuals; $30-$48; Owners manuals: $19 Purchase & restoration guides: $19-$38; other books also. Ph: 206-721-3077, www.books4cars.com . (in every issue)

Parts for your MGB, MGB-GT and Midget at http://partssearch.mgclub.org. Also parts for all MGs and other vehicles! (in every issue)

OCTAGON ADVERTISERS (including Insurance, Parts, Publications, Service)


MG Midget hardtop wanted. Any condition. Please call Greg Abrams 805-405-3617 or email at gsabrams@msn.com . **

ORIGINAL leather covered seat bottom in red with black piping for 1966 MGB-GT. Either entire seat bottom or just cover as long as no tears. Allan at 860-721-7825 or email: allantrifiro@sbcglobal.net . **


John Twist has reopened University Motors and continues the path he chose so many years ago. Contact him for all your MG needs at 616-301-2888 and www.universitymotorsltd.com . **

Swap meet ads are free to AMGBA members.  Ads appear on our website, in the printed Octagon, in the emailed eOctagon, on the club website message board and on Facebook and Twitter. For others and for commercial suppliers the rate is $15.00 for 35 words or less.  See more info in the AD RATES area of our website.  (* appeared in last issue, ** appeared in previous issues)

2012 University Motors Summer Party Reunion
Story by Bruce Magers, photos by Frank Ochal

The long awaited University Motors Summer Party Reunion was held August 17 - August 19, 2012. John Twist, along with his staff, did a great job in organizing this first Summer Party since 2007. It was great to renew old acquaintances and see so many MGs as the photos here show.

2012 University Motors Summer Party 2012 University Motors Summer Party 2012 University Motors Summer Party 2012 University Motors Summer Party 2012 University Motors Summer Party  2012 University Motors Summer Party  2012 University Motors Summer Party Reunion2012 University Motors Summer Party Reunion '80 B of D"Arcy Balllinger at the 2012 University Motors Summer Party Reunion

Queen B

This issue's Queen B is the '71 B-GT of Dennis Haag. Here is his story with photos:

I got the car from Michigan. When the car was unloaded from the carrier the brakes were not working. I have put new brakes, battery, alternator and have replaced the painted wires with some chrome wires I found locally. I have chrome air filters, an alloy valve cover and a steering wheel to be installed. Much is planned for this little car as the checkbook allows.

'71 B-GT of Dennis Haag '71 B-GT of Dennis Haag

'72 B and '73 B of Van Moore

The 1973 MGB was a present from my wife in 2006. The 1972 I bought to drive and fix up. This turned in to a complete restoration.

'72 B and '73 B of Van Moore '72 B of Van Moore '73 B of Van Moore

Technical Section - Questions and Answers

Please note: Questions and answers and Upkeep and Performance Hints are provided for information and advice purposes. No liability either express or implied is assumed by reliance on the information presented either by the writers or the AMGBA.

Some or all of the below is from our message board at http://board.amgba.com, Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/americanmgbassociation and website in the technical section at http://mgclub.org/mgtech.htm and this is just a part of what appears there and in the member magazine.

Also be sure to see our message board on our website and Facebook group for immediate help from fellow members.


Q:     I am the original owner of a ‘73 BG-T. Some yeas ago my son fitted a pair of 45DCOE’s and some other modifications and drove the car during his last year of high school. The car has been parked in a garage for about 20 years and is now my retirement project.

I find that the Weber manifold sits hard against the original exhaust manifold. I don’t that is a good idea. My question is - should I rebuild the old SU’s or try to find manifold(s) that provide a better fit?

If you recommend the Webers do you have any suggestions. I should note that the car is not being brought back as a show car but a daily driver play car to go hunting rice burners.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Bill Paul


A:     Good to hear another abandoned project is getting put back on the road. After 20 years, I'm sure you have your work cut out for you, but it should be a fun project.

Besides my B (which was abandoned in a garage after a minor traffic accident by a colleague's son for 2 years before I bought it), I'm now working on another "barn find" - an '88 RX7 convertible left top-down and uncovered for 5 years in an open garage full of feral cats. No rodent damage, but it smells like a litter box and the seats have suffered for it.

Back to your car. First some clarifications. You say it has a pair of DCOEs. The B head, unless a cross-flow conversion, has only 2 siamesed intake ports, each feeding 2 cylinders. The Weber DCOE conversions I have seen utilize a single 2-throat side-draft carb. Twin carbs of this type would require a strange manifold with twin y-pipes, each to a single port in the head.

If the DCOE is in good shape (I expect it will need a cleaning and minor rebuild at least), I would stay with it.

If you do choose to go original, there's a market to sell the Weber kit and regain some of the replacement costs.

I would also suggest looking at using the HS6 conversion rather than finding and rebuilding an original HIF4 set of SUs. Though the HIFs are more modern and easily maintained, they are not available new. If you insist on original (which you've already said this will be a driver when done), Joe Curto in Queens, NY can supply you a quality rebuilt set, but you'll be on your own for linkages, manifolds, spacers and heat shield, all readily available used, but the HS6 kit comes with most of this included and offer better performance at what would be similar costs.

When you say the manifold "fits hard" to the exhaust, I think you mean the manifolds butt again each other with no clearance at the studs (side-to-side), right? Unless it prevents the manifold from seating, it should not be a major problem, but that's actually an easy fix. You can grind the edge to open the gap and improve the clearance, which is usually more easily accomplished on the intake manifold as it is aluminum.

Another fix would be to replace the exhaust manifold with a header set. Those would be of stainless or mild steel and should be fairly accurate to the OEM piece, but more flexible than the cast iron in the event of being tight. Again, if the clearance is tight, it would be easier to modify the intake slightly, filing or grinding the clearance needed.

I hope that helps you. Please write and ask any questions as well as updates as you progress.

Safety Fast!

Art Isaacs

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