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M –41
Wentzville, Missouri
United States


my new toy

By lizardbird98

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damn i love this car.thats is all
i'll write more as i get to driveing it more.

no longer with me

By lizardbird98

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i had this car for 6 and half years i loved it had 82,000 miles and ran like a champ only had to replace the water pump on it.
when i traded it in on tues it had 159,000 miles on her.

she was getting up in age and i was getting leary of all the little thing that were starting to go bad. so i desided to trade her in a 2005 gto.

my new toy

By lizardbird98

traded my 98 trans am in for a 2005 gto put up better pics when i can get the the one i got is a lil blury.

dec 7 ,1941

By lizardbird98

i know this is a bit late but i want to salute those who severed in ww2 and those who where cought in the bombing of pearl harbor. our greatest generation didn what they thought that had and ask for very little in return. even the home front did their part. and for that i salute you all.

1940 dodge hidden for half a centruy

By lizardbird98

my pop sent me this in a e-mail a untouch original 1940 dodge.
i think it look great. i will always have a soft spot for these pre ww2 cars they all where different and you could actually tell most of them apart.

The 1940 barn Dodge!
You have heard stories of barn finds before. Some sound incredible, some unbelievable. Here's one that might top 'em all.

It's the true story of one 1940 Dodge Deluxe Sedan.

Back in 1940, life in the Country was running at a different pace. You could leave your house unlocked, and, of course, your car.

Television and graffiti were words without meaning. Pearl Harbor was an event of the future. It would take two more years until

the United States would enter World War II. Life was hard but good . . .

At about this time VIN *30231403* was built by proud American workers in Detroit, Michigan, one of 84,976 Dodge D-14 DeLuxe

four-door sedans manufactured in 1940. A veterinarian from Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, purchased the blue Dodge new at the local

Dodge dealer in Boise. He used it to respond to calls all through the war years; his 1944 permit is still affixed to the windshield.

Being a very valuable asset during war times, the car was always parked in a dedicated spot in the barn when not in use. In 1948,

the good Doctor passed away. The car was put on blocks and covered with bed sheets. No, it was not going to be for sale. Who

would have guessed at that time that the Dodge would be asleep for more than 50 years . . .

Click on the above image for a full size view

Children became adults, parents, then grandparents. The old Dodge was still slumbering in the barn. In the late 1980s an attempt

was made to awaken and sell the car. Finally, early in 2003, the time had come. The bed sheets were taken off, the car was lifted

from the blocks, and the tires were filled up with air. A new owner was found. He took the Dodge to Southern California.

Click on the above image to see Dodge's famous "Safety Light" speedometer

63 years old and with only 42,342 original miles showing on its odometer, this Dodge personifies the term "reference car.

" More importantly, it represents a rare opportunity to experience how it felt driving a new car in the 1940s.
Time to start our little journey around this amazing Dodge . . .

The body, amazingly, is straight and absolutely rust free, thanks to being stored in a dry, well ventilated barn, away from the elements.

The blue lacquer paint is original, factory applied. Sure, it's worn thin on the tops of the fenders, shows a myriad of nicks, imperfections,

and touch ups from the past. There are a few small dings here and there, but not an ounce of body filler nor a single rust bubble.

It's all heavy metal! Repainting this car--ever--would be an unforgivable sin! Its patina is irreplaceable and gives the Dodge its inherent value.

Another Dodge industry first for 1940: safety rims! The wheels still feature their factory triple pinstriping, the heavily chromed hubcaps

are beautifully preserved. Even the painted red detailing is still intact! Bias ply tires of the dimension 6.00x16 look original as well.

I don't think they make "Pennsylvania Rx Supertest Cord S-3" rubber anymore . . .

Click on the above image for another image

Open the doors and be invited into a cabin that's 100% factory original. Unmolested, unmodified, unrestored. It has the special 1940s

aroma and charm that cannot be duplicated. It should never be restored, instead be enjoyed just the way it is.

Click on the above image for another image

Dashboard is a masterpiece of Art Deco design. Fabulous painted metal creates the ambiance of lightly stained wood. Nickel plated

accents duplicate the look of then-popular costume jewelry. Every single part seems infused with the designer's idea to create a

harmonious environment; details such as the retracting ash receiver lid are simultaneously good-looking and functional. There's

simply no comparison to present-day throwaway products, sprouting black plastic appendages everywhere.
Nevertheless, the Dodge was built with entirely modern creature comforts. It features dual electric windshield wipers, Sealed Beam lamps,

floating power, hydraulic brakes, telescopic shock absorbers, a column-shifted, synchronized transmission, tinted glass, a chromed horn

ring, and a host of other innovations.

What was found in the felt-lined, locking glovebox is nothing short of astonishing in its historical context:

Owner's instruction book in its original envelope
"Sentinel" first aid kit, incl. a bottle of "Mercuro-Chrome"
Small upholstery brush
Promotional lead pencil "Compliments of DeRail Pool Hall, Glenn's Ferry ID"
Old bottle opener
Parking stub dated 8/16/1941, from the "Glen Valley Rodeo"
Small metal box containing "Buss Auto Fuses"
"Ideal Split Shot" box cont. a tire valve and a fishing hook
Pair of celluloid sunglasses
"Travel Idaho with CONOCO" road map

Ample space for three on the comfy front bench, featuring "airfoam" seat cushions. Original mohair still looks good, with the unavoidable

stains and moth attacks kept to a minimum.

Through large, rear-hinged suicide doors, entry to the spacious passenger compartment is easy, even when wearing a top hat. Luxuriously equipped with arm and foot rests, woven grab handles, beveled-glass interior light, and (unused) ash tray, passengers will invariably exclaim:

"This feels like Driving Miss Daisy!"

Click on the above image for a full size view

Roomy trunk sports original jute mats. Original spare wheel and jacking equipment are present, as well as some spares and a small tool

tray. Also included is a set of new GOODYEAR tires of the proper size and a set of new inner tubes. We did not feel the need to mount the

new tires, however, it might be advisable before embarking on an extended journey.

A beautiful classic car, ready to be of service!

Click on the above image for a full size view

"Let us MARFAK your car!" proclaims TEXACO's old service sticker on the door jamb. Dodge was just lubed and serviced, 2,000 miles ago,

in 1948 . . ..Note the carmine-colored, bakelite necker knob, Dodge's early version of power assisted steering. If you have to ask why it's

called a necker knob, you're probably too young to buy this car.

Headlamp detail
Antenna "Crystal Ball"
Rubber floormat
Underdash heater

Art deco trim
Cloisonne emblem
Firewall tags
Rear vent window

Click on any of the above images for a full-size view

Above, clockwise, from top left:

Art deco headlight bezel with glass parking light lenses
Beautifully preserved, original "Crystal Ball" lucite antenna top
Unmarked rubber floormat and pedal pads, irrefutably confirming the car's low mileage
Original heater below dash
Rear vent windows open wide
Dodge Brothers tags on firewall
Masterful Cloisonne (enamelled) rear emblem
Art deco door handles and stainless side trim

Engine compartment is clean and original as well. Dodge's 217, 6-cylinder engine was good for 87 lively horsepower. It starts instantly

and runs like the proverbial Swiss watch. Items recently replaced or serviced include the battery, water pump, ignition wires, spark plugs,

fuel tank, carburetor, brakes, and shocks. Original honeycomb radiator core looks gorgeous!
And, yes, the horn works, just like everything else on this time machine.

Amazingly intricate, heart-shaped grille presents itself in outstanding condition, with brilliantly sparkling chrome. Bumpers and overriders

are beautiful and functional, too. Car's brightwork appears excellently preserved throughout. Note the wonderfully maintained running

boards, which were optional on the 1940 models.
So, what's it like driving a 63-year old Dodge?

Very impressive, thank you very much. Turn on the ignition--with the original "CDPD" key--and press the foot knob for the starter. The

engine comes to life instantly, idling almost inaudibly. Pull the gear lever down into first, release the clutch, and you'll pull away

smoothly. Everything is smooth about the Dodge. Suspension and brakes transmit a safe and sound feeling. Acceleration is brisk,

at least by 1940 standards. All the gauges work. Oil pressure is great and the car runs cool. In a nutshell, it's a delightful cruiser!
Even the PHILCO radio still hums when turned on; it seems the speaker cone needs replacing.

All this car needs is one appreciative caretaker. It's a very rare find and definitely a "keeper" for the right Dodge enthusiast.

left to die.

By lizardbird98

Left to Die in a Ditch

A man in Tennessee was heading back to his car after a day of fishing when he heard whimpers coming from a muddy ditch in the woods.

A small, terrified beagle was trapped.

She had been brutally shot and was desperately trying to pull herself up the steep wall of the ditch, her back legs dragging uselessly behind her.

The fisherman took pity on the little dog and brought her home. She spent three days living beneath the man’s parked car, clinging to life.

When he realized the beagle wasn’t going to recuperate on her own, the man contacted a local animal rescue group. One of the group’s workers arrived and was amazed when the traumatized dog emerged -- in terrible pain, but so grateful for help she covered the worker with “kisses” as only a dog can.

Was Emma a ‘Lost Cause’?

The brave little beagle, named Emma by the shelter workers, still had a long way to go.

Two gunshots had left both of her hind legs paralyzed. She had also lost control of her bladder and bowels. How would the shelter afford Emma’s vet bills and scooter -- a special dog wheelchair designed to help her get around with ease -- on its shoestring budget?

That’s when American Humane stepped in. Thanks to donors like you, we provided vital support through our Second Chance® Fund to help cover Emma’s medical expenses and ready her for adoption.

Incredibly, Emma found a new home with a “forever mom” named Sheila, whose sweet disposition matched Emma’s. Sheila consulted with a canine rehabilitation center, brought Emma to physical therapy twice a week and even converted her own pool to a water therapy center for Emma.

This spirited, fun-loving little dog -- expected to never get around without her scooter again -- is now able to walk a mile every day on her own!

Please give what you can to bring hope and success to other abused and neglected animals who still have tremendous love to share with new families.

now this looks like fun.

By lizardbird98

learn to fly a T-6 texan i'am going to have to see if i can get the money saved for this.

Our pilots are trained to provide each customer with a flight tailored to that person's preferences. Because you and your instructor pilot are in continuous communication, flights are custom designed and modified as you go. Each flight is unique. The times listed are for the in-flight portion of your experience (from take-off to landing). A typical flight also includes a cockpit briefing plus :10 of taxi time. Prices are for weekdays, a $30 Premium is charged for weekend scheduling.

Basically an introductory flight lesson, just long enough to get a taste of what the "Golden Age of Piston Powered Flight" was all about. Options available: Front Seat and Video.

TOP-GUN FLIGHT (:30) $445
Our medium length flight, it allows more time to climb higher and travel farther from the airport, learn to fly the plane and if adding the aerobatic option, indulge in WW II style aerobatics. Options available: Front Seat, Aerobatics and Video.

It is a Top-Gun Flight with all three options priced at a discount: Front Seat, Aerobatics and Video. This is our most popular flight. What we do on each flight is up to you. You will receive a front cockpit briefing, can get an in-flight lesson and fly the plane, enjoy smooth warbird aerobatics and have your experience captured by the on-board video system.

This flight has everything you get in the Super Ace Package, but is twice as long. This allows the pilot to demonstrate the full flight envelope of the TEXAN. The best choice if you are a pilot and want a serious flight lesson. The Warbird Dream Flight is also the best dollar value of all our flights.


For the best view the front seat is the place to be. You sit right behind the gunsight, with a 360 degree view through the canopy. The side windows of the canopy can be slid open in flight, great for distortion free picture taking. You will receive a longer, more detailed briefing because you are responsible for performing some of the command pilot chores, such as operation of the landing gear. Also, when flying in the front cockpit with the video option, you will be in your own video when the front cockpit camera is selected.

There are three color cameras installed on the planes. One is on the right wingtip and gets a side view of the plane. The second is on the tail and looks forward. The third is in the front cockpit and shows the front pilot and the view outside over his shoulder. The pilot selects the cameras, editing your VHS tape in flight, so it is complete when you land. The video system also has two sound inputs, one that captures all the intercom and radio chatter, and the other records the sound of the engine and the slipstream noise.

Loops, rolls and other positive "G" aerobatic maneuvers are an option on any of the :30 and 1:00 flights. (the :15 flight is too short to get to the proper area and altitude where aerobatics can be flown). All our pilots begin gently with easy maneuvers to be sure you are enjoying them before going on to the more exciting maneuvers. Maneuvers we do include: aileron rolls, hesitation rolls, barrel rolls, loops, cuban 8's, immelmanns, chandelles, split S's and clover leafs. You are in direct contact with the pilot and can tell him exactly what you want. (It's the world's greatest free-style roller-coaster!) Even if you have never experienced aerobatics before our pilots can get you some real hands-on training and teach you to perform some of the basic maneuvers such as loops and aileron rolls. "G" forces encountered are from 0 to + 4.0 G's. Speeds are up to 200 mph.

The above Flights are limited to one cycle (one take-off & landing) with NATG Pilots performing the take-off and landing.
All aerobatics are restricted to positive "G" maneuvers.
For pilots looking for aircraft checkouts, BFR's and flights of over one hour duration see our Hourly Rate Program below:

DUAL INSTRUCTION - HOURLY RATE PROGRAM (minimum of 1 hour) $985 per hour
This program is available to Licensed Pilots who desire an aircraft checkout, a tailwheel, high performance, or complex aircraft endorsement, aerobatic or formation instruction, a Biennial Flight Review or a Texan Competency sign-off for insurance purposes. The hourly rate includes all necessary pre- and post-flight ground instruction, a front seat checkout and video taping of all flights. The total time required to meet our standards in each phase of training and to qualify for any desired endorsement will depend on the student's entry skills and learning rate. This program is not available in all tour locations or at all times of the year. (Please call for more information.)

my tribute to the troops.

By lizardbird98

this i feel pretty much say it all about any one past or present that serves this country. i just hope we don't forget about them in the future like we have the vietnam vets and the korean war vets. i can on;y rember spending maybe 10 - 20 mine talking bout vietnam in high school and it was usally what leadup to it and nothing else. it seems to me we are still tring to sweep that war under the carpet.

I'm just trying to be a father
raise a daughter and a son
be a lover to their mother
everything to everyone

Up and at 'em bright and early
I'm all business in my suit
Yeah, I'm dressed up for success
From my head down to my boots

I don't do it for the money
There's bills that I can't pay
I don't do it for the glory
I just do it anyway

Providing for our future's my responsibility
Yeah I'm real good under pressure
Being all that I can be
I can't call in sick on Mondays
When the weekend's been too strong
I just work straight through the holidays
Sometimes all night long

You can bet that I stand ready
when the wolf growls at the door
Yeah I'm solid, yeah I'm steady
Hey I'm true down to the core

And I will always do my duty
No matter what the price
I've counted up the cost
I know the sacrifice
Oh and I don't wanna die for you
But if dying's asked of me
I'll bear that cross with honor
Cause freedom don't come free

I'm an American soldier
An American
Beside my brothers and my sisters
I will proudly take a stand
When liberty's in jeopardy
I'll always do what's right
I'm out here on the front line
sleep in peace tonight
American soldier
I'm an American soldier

Yeah an American soldier
An American
Beside my brothers and my sisters
I will proudly take a stand
When liberty's in jeopardy
I'll always do what's right
I'm out here on the front lines
sleep in peace at night
I'm an American soldier
I'm an American
An American
An American soldier


blonde joke

By lizardbird98

A blonde walks into a telegraph office to send an emergency telegram to her mom overseas.
The man at the counter says "That’ll be $150."
The blonde says, "Oh no! I don’t have that much but this is very important - I’ll do Anything to send a telegram to my mom."
The man says, "Anything??"
Yes, she says.
So, he says come back here to the back room.
So she does.
Now, get on your knees.
She does.
Now, pull it out.
She does.
Now hold it in your hand.
So she does.
Now Go For It Baby!
And so she yells as loud as she can, "Hello MOM?!?!"

hollowween is gonna suck this year....

By lizardbird98

yep this is going to be a sucky year for the trick or treaters.

marine won't get medal of honor.

By lizardbird98

SAN DIEGO - A Marine sergeant singled out by President Bush for throwing his body on a grenade to save his comrades in Iraq will receive the prestigious Navy Cross rather than the nation's highest military award, military officials said.


The family of Sgt. Rafael Peralta, who was posthumously nominated for the nation's highest military honor, told the North County Times of Escondido, Calif., they were disappointed he was not receiving the Medal of Honor.

"I don't understand why if the president has been talking about him," his mother, Rosa Peralta, told the newspaper, which was the first to report the bestowing of the Navy Cross.

Rosa Peralta said she was informed during a meeting with Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Richard Natonski that a committee could not agree on awarding the Medal of Honor to her son, who Marine Corps officials say was first wounded by friendly fire. She said the general mentioned the friendly fire aspect as part of her son's death during the discussion.

Marine Corps spokesman Mike Alvarez confirmed the meeting, saying only that it was a personal briefing between Natonski and Rosa Peralta to inform her that the secretary of the Navy would award the Navy Cross posthumously for extraordinary heroism.

The Navy Cross is the second highest honor for combat heroism a Marine can receive.

The secretary of the Navy's public affairs office in Washington, D.C., did not immediately return an after-hours telephone call Wednesday seeking comment.

Headquarters Marine Corps spokesman Maj. David Nevers told The Associated Press that the Navy Cross for Peralta "is not bestowed lightly."

Nevers said only 23 sailors and Marines out of the thousands who have served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have received the Navy Cross.

"The awarding of a medals of valor is a methodical process and carefully conducted to ensure the sacrifice and service of our Marines and sailors is appropriately honored," he said.

Peralta was shot several times in the face and body during a house-to-house search in Fallujah on Nov. 15, 2004, during some of the fiercest fighting of the war.

According to a report by a Marine combat photographer who witnessed the act, Peralta lay wounded on the floor of a house and grabbed a grenade that had been lobbed by an insurgent. He absorbed the blast with his body, dying instantly.

In 2005, Natonski, then-commanding general of the 1st Marine Division, ordered an investigation to determine the source of a bullet fragment recovered from Peralta's body.

"Following multiple and exhaustive reviews, the evidence supports the finding that Peralta was likely hit by 'friendly fire,'" the Marine Corps said Wednesday in a press release. "This finding had no bearing on the decision to award the Navy Cross medal."

Bush cited Peralta's heroism in a Memorial Day speech in 2005, saying the Marine "understood that America faces dangerous enemies, and he knew the sacrifices required to defeat them."

Peralta, who was assigned to Hawaii's 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, moved to San Diego from Tijuana as a teenager. He was 25.

It'll cost mucho dinero for Chad Ocho Cinco to switch jerseys

By lizardbird98

this is funny as hell the nfl is worried more bout chad jhonson changing his name then say weeding out roids from the game.

Don't expect to see Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco wearing his new name on a jersey anytime soon. CNBC's Darren Rovell reports on his blog that the former Mr. Johnson would be forced to buy out the stock of the 100,000 remaining "C. Johnson" jerseys before making the switch to "Ocho Cinco". If Reebok asked Ocho Cinco to pay for the cost of making the unsold jerseys, the total could reach upwards of $4 million (or $50 million pesos).

Because Johnson changed his name so close to the start of the season, Reebok was left in a bind since they'd have to produce new jerseys and eat the old ones. That's why the NFL has told Johnson he'd have to reimburse the company for the price of the jerseys. That's not unprecedented, rookie linebacker Keith Rivers did it last week when he changed his uniform number. Of course, Rivers didn't have thousands of jerseys with his name on it on sales racks nationwide.

This whole charade, of course, is pretty ridiculous. It's tough to defend Johnson, as he's so narcissistic that he makes T.O. look like Mother Teresa. And the NFL is so blatant in their attempts to block Johnson from donning his new name on the back of his Bengals jersey that it almost seems beneath them. Sure, it's inane and self-serving and could set a bad precedent, but shouldn't the league be focusing on more important issues, like stopping players from celebrating touchdowns?

seal dies in afganistan

By lizardbird98

Virginia Beach, VA -- A US Navy SEAL was killed in Afghanistan Saturday during combat operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Special Warfare Operator First Class (SEAL) Joshua Thomas Harris, 36, a highly decorated combat veteran, drowned after being swept away by turbulent waters while conducting a river crossing during combat operations in Afghanistan.

"Petty Officer Harris was an exemplary SEAL. He served his country valorously during multiple combat tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. He was a brave warrior, SEAL role model, mature and reliable teammate and an absolute great American. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Petty Officer Harris' family. His loss is deeply felt by the entire Naval Special Warfare community," said Capt. Scott Moore, commanding officer of NSWDG. "The entire Naval Special Warfare community is deeply saddened by the passing of our teammate, Petty Officer Josh Harris. He will always be remembered as a warrior, a leader and a patriot. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends during this extremely difficult time," said Rear Admiral Garry Bonelli, commanding officer of Naval Special Warfare Command.

Harris graduated from Lexington High School. He was an "All County" and "All Conference" football player. He went on to Davidson College, where he graduated with a degree in Studio Art. He then went on to architectural graduate school at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte pursuing a Masters Degree in architecture. His art has been on display at several showings on the east coast including the prestigious Lincoln Center in New York City.

Harris enlisted in the Navy on August 23, 2000 and reported to Boot Camp at Naval Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois on September 7, 2000. After completing Boot Camp he graduated from Quartermaster "A" School before reporting to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training at Coronado, California.

BUD/S is the first step to becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL and is six months of the most demanding training in the military. Upon graduating from BUD/S Harris completed an additional five months of SEAL Qualification Training before reporting to his first permanent duty station at SEAL Team Ten at Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Va. Commander, United States Naval Special Warfare Command COMNAVSPECWARCOM 2000 Trident Way San Diego, CA 92155 While onboard SEAL Team Ten, Petty Officer Harris completed many rigorous qualifications preparing him for combat including Static Line Parachutist, Naval Special Warfare Special Reconnaissance Scout, Naval Special Warfare Sniper, SEAL Diving Supervisor, Advanced Tactical Driving course and others.

Harris distinguished himself during multiple combat deployments to Iraq with SEAL Team Ten while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. On May 26, 2006, Harris transferred from SEAL Team Ten and began the demanding selection and training program at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. His training included Military Free-Fall, Naval Special Warfare Tactical First Response Medical Training, Survive Escape Resist Evade (SERE) 215 and 250 courses, Combat Pistol and Rifle Course and several other courses. Harris completed the arduous training during the selection program and received orders to Naval Special Warfare Development Group as a member of Naval Special Warfare Tactical Development and Evaluation Squadron (NSWTACDEVRON) Two.

Harris is a highly decorated combat veteran and received numerous awards during his career as a U.S. Navy SEAL including the Bronze Star Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal with Combat "V" (Valor) Distinguishing Device, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat "V" (Valor) Distinguishing Device, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon (Operation Iraqi Freedom), Combat Action Ribbon (Operation Enduring Freedom), Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Iraq Campaign Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (4), Good Conduct Medal (2).

SO1 Harris is survived by his parents Dr. Sam and Evelyn Harris of Lexington, North Carolina; his twin sister, Kiki Harris, his brother, S. Ranchor Harris, III and his wife Serina and Nephews Dylan and Chase, and three loving aunts and uncles Thomas Veach and Sveta Long; Penny and Randy Overby; Tom and Maria Harris.

deer vs cop car

By lizardbird98

squrill takes to the air

By lizardbird98

this is funny ****....

dumb ass gets kicked by horse....

By lizardbird98

what a moron

747 struck by lighting

By lizardbird98

looks like fun

political joke

By lizardbird98

Little Suzy had a box of new born kittens that she was trying to give away. She had them out on the street corner with a sign, “FREE KITTENS,” next to them. Suddenly a line of big, black cars came up led by a motorcycle policeman. The cars stopped, and Senator Obama stepped out from the limo.

“Hi, little girl, what do you have there in the box?” he asked.

“Kittens!” Little Suzy says. “They're so small their eyes are not even open, yet.”

“What kind of kittens are they?” he asked.

“Democrats,” says Little Suzy.

The tall man smiled, returned to his car and they drove away. Sensing a good photo opportunity, Senator Obama called his campaign manager, and told him about the little girl and the kittens. It was planned that they would return the next day, have all the media there, and tell everyone about these great kittens. The next day, Little Suzy stood on the corner with her box of kittens with the “FREE KITTENS” sign, and the big motorcade of black cars pulled up with all the vans and trucks from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. Everyone had their cameras ready as Senator Obama got out of his limo and walked up to Little Suzy.

“Now, don't be frightened,” he said. “I just want you to tell all these nice news people what kind of kittens you're giving away today.”

“Yes sir,” Suzy said. “They're REPUBLICAN kittens.”

Taken by surprise, Sen. Obama said, “But yesterday, you told me that they were DEMOCRATS.”

Little Suzy says, “Yes, I know, but today, they have their eyes open.”

the twin towers rises again.....

By lizardbird98

USS New York

It was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center ..

It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft.

Steel from the World Trade Center was melted down in a foundry in Amite , LA to cast the ship's bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept 9, 2003, 'those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence,' recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. 'It was a spiritual moment for everybody there.'

Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade center steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the 'hair on my neck stood up.' 'It had a big meaning to it for all of us,' he said. 'They knocked us down. They can't keep us down. We're going to be back.'

The ship's motto? 'Never Forget'

Please keep this going so everyone can see what we are made of in this country!

photos will be posted shortly.

here is a poem sung by jhonny cash

By lizardbird98

if this doesn't bring atleast a lil tear to your eye then there is no hope for you.

I walked through a county courthouse square

On a park bench, an old man was sittin there.

I said, "Your court house is kinda run down,

He said, "No, it will do for our little town".

I said "your old flag pole kinda leaned a little bit,

And that’s a ragged old flag you got hanging on it".

He said "have a seat", so I sat down,

He said, "is this your first time you been to our little town"

I said, "I think it is"

He said "I don’t like to brag, but we’re kinda proud of

"That Ragged Old Flag"

"You see, we got a little hole in that flag there,

When Washington took it across the Delaware.

It got powder burned the night Francis Scott Key sat watching it, writing

"Oh Say Can You See"

It got a bad rip in New Orleans, with Packingham & Jackson tugging at its seams.

It almost fell at the Alamo beside the Texas flag,

But she waved on tho.

It got cut with a sword in Chancellorsville,

Got cut again at Shiloh Hill.

There was Robert E. Lee and Beauregard and Bragg,

And the south wind blew hard on

"That Ragged Old Flag"

On Flanders Field in World War I,

She took a big hole from a Bertha Gun,

She turned blood red in World War II

She hung limp and low a time or two.

She was in Korea, Vietnam, She went where she was sent by her Uncle Sam.

She waved from our ships upon the briny foam,

And now they've about quit waving her back here at home.

And here in her own good land,

She’s been abused, burned, dishonored, denied and refused,

And the very government for which she stands

Has been scandalized throughout out the land.

And she’s getting thread bare, and she’s wearing thin,

But she’s in pretty good shape, for the shape she’s in.

Cause she’s been through the fire before

and I know, she can take a whole lot more.

So we raise her up every morning

And we bring her down every night,

We don’t let her touch the ground,

And we fold her up right.

On second thought
I do like to brag

Cause I’m mighty proud of

"That Ragged Old Flag"

friend sent this to me.

By lizardbird98

makes a hell of alot of sense to me.

Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor

PO2 (EOD2) Mike Monsoor, a Navy EOD Technician, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously for jumping on a grenade in Iraq , giving his life to save his fellow SEALs.

During Mike Monsoor's funeral in San Diego , as his coffin was being moved from the hearse to the grave site at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery , SEALs were lined up on both sides of the pallbearers route forming a column of twos, with the coffin moving up the center. As Mike's coffin passed, each SEAL, having removed his gold Trident from his uniform, slapped it down embedding the Trident in the wooden coffin.
The slaps were audible from across the cemetery; by the time the coffin arrived grave side, it looked as though it had a gold inlay from all the Tridents pinned to it. This was a fitting send-off for a warrior hero.

This should be front-page news instead of the crap we see every day.

Since the media won't make this news, I choose to make it news by forwarding it onto you guys. I am proud of our military and the men and women who serve in it. They represent the highest and finest values of this country.

new camaro video

By lizardbird98

new video at nurburgring at

15 year old girl make tribute to the troops.

By lizardbird98

this is awsome brings a tear to your eye.


dog unjustly shot by neibhor

By lizardbird98

read the artical it will explain all.

boyd coddington

By lizardbird98

we lost a great car the car world will never be the same.

50th daytona 500

By lizardbird98

time has come once again for the daytona 500 and the start of the nascar season hopefully harvikeor martin will win this year. i have alot of respect for martin even though he drove a ford for most of his career you almost never hear of him being in altercation. kind of felt sorry for him last season came soooooo close to winning the big one but yet so far. kind of ironic that he spent all that time with ford and when he joined chevy he came soooooo close.

the new zr1

By lizardbird98

any one seen pics of this beast 625 hp supercharged i want one who has 100,000 to give me?

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