Motortopia: Where your passion parks

Motortopia: Where your passion parks.

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where your passion parks.

Photo of a 1959 Lake N' Sea Carriabean (Still Cruisn since 1959)
Featured Boat: 1959 Lake N' Sea Carriabean (Still Cruisn since 1959), Owned by Redlinr

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It's Our Birthday!

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It has been a fun, and fast, four years since we launched Motortopia! Hey, we appreciate all the help, fun, and support along...



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Guides to choosing the best boat for sailing

By: kerryblake

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Acquiring the right boat for sailing requires the same dedication as you would have when purchasing a home. There are many...

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Both the Blackstone and Fortress shares are down substantially from their IPO prices

By: motogo

Hedge Fund IPO's are a good lululemon canada benchmark on the 'froth' in the investment environment. These investment funds are not understood by the typical investor, their investment methodology are typically proprietary and secret and they are exempt...

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Guides To Choosing The Best Inflatable Boat For Hunting And Fishing

By: kerryblake

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In case you are hunting and fishing devotee, you will for sure be of the same opinion that the best and most reliable place to...

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