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2011 Is Here and Work soon to start on my car

By mike8675309

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So late fall I cracked the oil pan on my car when I hit a massive rock on the roadway on the way to work. Oil all over the place, but didn't loose oil pressure. Unfortunately the motor needs to come out to swap the pan. So it's sitting in the garage waiting to get to it.

I'll be pulling the motor here in February and then checking all the bearings and cylinders for any issues. The new pan comes with a windage tray, so that will be an addition.

Fuel system issues were holding me back last year so that will be resolved this spring with the addition of a new fuel tank customized with baffles and a new high pressure fuel pump, new fuel lines (-10 feed, -6 return) and significant fuel rail modifications and a new fuel pressure regulator.

New custom long tube headers, a new Detroit Tru-Trac rear diff and Drive Shaft Specialties Stage 2 Rear axles. Mid Summer I'll be working on a new intake plenum for the blower (larger volume) and modified inlet plenum that bolts to the intake manifold (room for the blower plenum and slightly larger volume).

Hope to hit 500rwhp before next fall. This will likely be the last year I can go without a cage. Thus forecasting 2012, better brakes, cage, cam, new TKO manual trans. Damn.. I may need a sponsor.

Lazy poster

By mike8675309

It isn't so much that I'm lazy, as it is that I put a bunch of my stuff on the web boards that I frequent, specifically and So with 2010 well under way what I have I been doing?

Well last year I wrapped up the work on the 93 and did have an event down at in Iowa where I ran on street tires since my trac-lock was not working anyway, so I would be traction limited off the bat. And I was turning 2.5 second 60 foots all day which were killing my ET. I was able to keep a pretty consistent 13.5 e.t. with MPH at the end ranging from 110 to 114. But a .042 red light in the finals had me loosing the trophy for the event.

This winter I picked up a new aluminum driveshaft,
and I have some 80lb/hr injectors on order to upgrade from my 60's that I sold to a fellow tbird owner. As the car sits waiting for injectors this spring I have been doing misc stuff. I am getting a new air divider made that will be sturdy enough for me to mount my new PCV catch can. I wired up a new Lambda gauge (from that will work with my Innovate LM1 and Auxbox. I am switching to using Lambda for my tuning, as I am going to be switching over to E85 fuel. Using Lambda will make it all easier.

I'm also adding some fog lights and cleaning up the wiring and the trunk.

The car and I will be at the Car Craft Summer Nationals this year!

2009 Movement

By mike8675309

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So, I've been working on the 93 SC all spring. It's been over at fabricators shop for the last 3 weeks getting the intercooler tubing cut and welded up, a new outlet top for the autorotor, mounts for the intercooler and heat exchanger. Looks like I'll need to cut the hood to clearance the supercharger top.

I should have it back in a couple days when I'll finish plumbing up the intercooler and wiring up the pump, getting the trunk mounted battery done. Then I'll have to take some time with the new moates quarterhorse and get the engine tuned up. Not sure if this car will make it to the Car Craft Summer Nationals this year. Probably will have to take the 90sc.

For sure it'll be done in time for the Muscle Car Shootout up at Brainerd International Raceway as well as the Fall Club Clash event down at Tri-City Raceway in Earlville, IA.

as some noticed. I was at the Back to 50's event at the MN State Fairgrounds a little while back. took a few pictures. There were over 11,000 vehicles registered for the event. Lots of cars.

More racing - SC vs GTP Shootout at Tri State in Iowa

By mike8675309

Wohoo... had a great time down at Tri-State Raceway last Sunday. Packed up my M/T ET Street tires, some tools, a cooler and drove the 4 hours down to Iowa for a day of racing. 13 runs, including my personal best of 13.70 at around 104mph.

Unfortunately I made that personal best run during bracket eliminations against a dial of 13.8. Oh well., it was fun. After the racing, packed it all up and headed back home, another 4 hour drive. Left my house at 5am, and got back home at 10pm. A long day.

Just another week or so and the car will be parked for the winter where I'll be pulling throwing on the Auto Rotor and beefing up the rear suspension before next season rolls around.

Racing Recap

By mike8675309

I'm terrible at blogging, but I try.
So Labor Day weekend was the Muscle Car Shootout at the NHRA racetrack in Brainerd MN. The local club of guys ( head up there for some racing in the Late Model classes, and watch some much faster cars in the King Street, and Pro Street classes. Some camping, drinking, fun.

For my car, it was the 3rd time at the track, 1st time with a functional transmission, and line locks, and the 3rd time for me at a track with a manual transmission car. First problem, line lock switch sticks closed, so I have to mess with that. Track is damn sticky, and the car bogs on launches because I don't get rpm's up good enough. so my high 13 second car is stuck in the 14's due to my ongoing driver mis-queues.

Of course, I loose in the finals by breaking out as everything went right and I just couldn't slow down enough at the end of the track.

2nd place isn't bad. Got a trophy. Next race is the GTP/SC Club Clash down in Earlville, IA on october 12th.

Ongoing Work

By mike8675309

Well the 5 speed has been swapped. Part of my AutoRotor swap has arrived (the autorotor). Still need an intake manifold and some other parts.

Paint is junk on Dangerous, so I'm doing the best I can until I can save up enough to get it painted the right way. figuring on 5 to 6 grand for a full strip down to base metal, and paint.

Car Craft Summer nationals coming up in a few weeks, and I'll be on the grounds with Dangerous hanging with my friends.

Updates - Power - Times

By mike8675309

Well, 2 days before the trip to Lincoln Nebraska for a dyno tune, the second gear blocker decided to go south on Dangerous. I've lined up a replacement to swap it out at the end of the month, but for now I have to struggle through it.

Dyno numbers, 272.1hp/336lb/ft. HP peak about 5200rpm, Torque Peak around 3200.

Then went to the club clash in Earlville, IA and double clutched my way to a 14.302 @ 102.70. Street tires too. Oh well. It will make the fall numbers look so much better when the Auto Rotor is finally installed, and the trans is fixed.

5th Element style posts

By mike8675309

hmm, not too talkative I guess.

Dangerous is running, going for a dyno tune in Nebraska next weekend. The auto-rotor blower and intake manifold should show up sometime in the next month or so.

Then I'll fab up the liquid/air intercooler setup that I have yet to get working.

Oh yeah... have air bags coming to prevent some tire rub happening since I lowered it last fall.

I guess I just don't post enough - Dyno

By mike8675309

Yes, the motor got done, it's in the car, and I've been driving it for the last few months. Failed miserably at the dragstrip as it was the first time I tried to drive a stick at the strip. Best time a 13.97 at 102mph.

Took it to a dyno the other day. curve 1 is from a street tune with no methanol. runs 2 and 3 were with methanol. I'll work on this site more this winter.

Racing Fun

By mike8675309

Well, Saturday was the spring club clash at Tri-state raceway in Iowa.

6 GTP's dared to show up
7 T-birds (mostly LX)
1 Cougar.

It was my first chance to really test out the Lentech valve body I had installed this spring. It paid off by being able to hold the trans out of overdrive, plus the snapper shifting. Last year I was at 15.0x pretty regular. With 14.9xx now the regular number, I'm going to give the Lentech a 1/10th improvement in my cars times just from it's addition.

Wheel spin was an issue for me off the line until I took the M/T ET Streets down to 11psi cool. Just a little chirp off the line after that, but it does get a little wiggly down the track. (26 x 10.5-15 mounted on a 6.5" wide wheel)

Best time ever with this car with a nice steady tail wind came in the second run of the test and tune time. 14.667 @ 93.89 That was around 10am, as the day warmed up I got slower settling in around 14.9. Of course in the finals I had to run a freak of a 14.879 breaking out of my 14.9 dial opening the door for Mike Albee to take the trophy even after sleeping at the light. (Albee had been cutting .0xx lights until a .204 against my .191 light in the final)

Thankfully this year we had the GTP's on the ropes after the first round, with only 2 remaining after round 1. I took out one in the first round, and then one in the second. One left after that and I believe Albee got him.

We had a decent showing, with the venerable Duffy Floyd making an appearance with his 92 5 speed. Not a drag racer at heart Duffy's car ended up with some drag radials on it, and someone else taking it down the track a few times. I believe it was Duffy's car that I eliminated, leaving it in 3rd place for the event. Myself from MN, a guy from Wisconsin, and a couple guys out of Nebraska all made the run into Iowa along with the Iowa regulars.

Stats for my day
Closest Red Light : -.099 RT
Best RT: .032 (first round time trials)
Highest MPH: 93.89 @ 14.667
Lowest ET: 14.667 @ 93.89
Avg 60ft: 2.155
Best 1/8th: 9.413 @ 73.05

Fletch's Day

By mike8675309

Purchased a Lentech Valve body for Fletch last year but ran out of time to install it. So yesterday I visited Certified Transmission in Stillwater and my buddy Adam installed the valve body.

I wired up the OD Delete switch today and took it for a spin.


Wohoo. further we go

By mike8675309

So the motor made it to the garage thanks to the help of my sons. Two days of moving stuff around in there and I'm able to start to bolt up the flywheel.

First go to pull out the old pilot bearing. Damn, my slide hammer attachment just bends. So I dremel out the bearing only to find out the bearing that came with the SPEC clutch kit is too small.

Turns out they don't send a bearing for a TBird SC, and the bearing I got was for a Tbird Turbo Coupe. Grrr.. I find a bearing I need, but then I find I have more bearing to pull out.

Harbor Freight to the rescue. Got the bearing out using a proper inside bearing puller purchased for $9 at the local Harbor Freight store.

moving forward

By mike8675309

Got the seal in and the front cover and oil pain back on. Now I can start moving forward.

Building your own motor

By mike8675309

I really should have paid someone to assemble the motor. What mess I am in doing it.

Let's see, I've had the oil pan off for the third time now. I was going to put the balancer on and noticed I could see the garter spring on the front cover seal.

Yes, me the idiot put the seal in backwards. So off comes the oil pan again, off comes the oil pump, and off comes the front cover.

Order another set of front cover gaskets and seal.

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