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The bathroom industry slow development, e-commerce is the future

By monalisachina

China sanitary industry after years of rapid development, in 2013, the growth rate began to slow, especially the housing industry, a few months before the negative growth of about 5%, but commercial real estate is the growth rate of 7%, many brand bathroom exclaimed in the market crisis has come true, and then, some bathroom brand contrarian attack, expectations for future growth opportunities. Many entrepreneurs in China, long habit with growth, lack of contrarian attack courage and boldness.

1.3 billion Chinese Bathroom suppliers is much less than the US and European countries, an American market Spa and hot tubmarket size of China several times larger than the market, investigate its reason, besides the decisive factors of the consumers, the market channel construction and consumer guide is also very important. Fortunately, the reform and development for over 30 years, not only created the material wealth growth, more on our people's consumption pattern has had the extremely important influence, bring China bathroom market tremendous growth opportunities.

1. bathroom, adjustment of consumption structure to create more market opportunities
In recent years, with the rise of the post-80s generation as the representative of the consumer groups, the consumption structure of the whole bathroom market is undergoing radical changes, individuality, color, art is about the group's consumption thought. They no longer obsessed foreign brand bathroom, matching but more important sanitary products and their value of demand, and the government is pushing the 70/90 policy and the spending power of their reality, small space, housing has become the mainstream of society, how to achieve greater personal value in the limited space of bathroom, is their pursuit of the key and the key. The recent outbreak of the patriotic enthusiasm, it is an important opportunity for national brand bathroom plus the value of their own, such as a bathroom launch my "Chinese heart", bathroom brand to speak out their Chinese figure, made in China is no longer synonymous with cheap, this point, sanitary ware industry should have the courage to learn the clothing industry, many domestic clothing brand and its value has been far more than the import brands, this is the strength of the brand, model after 80s consumers for the domestic bathroom brands, are willing to pay more effort, which is sanitary ware market opportunities.

2. the rise of national sanitary ware brand force foreign brand channel sink
We are in the market is not difficult to find, the previous foreign brands have to lower the body segments to cater to the needs of Chinese consumers, Toto, Kohler channel sink is the obvious example. All of this comes from the domestic sanitary ware brand progress, and even to change the rules of the game, such as our bags and Siamese toilet toilet as everyone knows, is the original Chinese brand sanitary ware, sanitary ware enterprises in Chaozhou, is the professional production of the division of labor to the extreme, the toilet often consists of several enterprises together, thereby creating a low cost mode of Chaozhou sanitary ware, and constantly innovate bathroom products. Before the foreign brand bathroom income to the red dot award, the domestic sanitary ware brand also is in ceaseless refresh miracle. It is because of the arrow, Jomoo, mark, with John Lone as the representative of the bathroom bathroom brands, to create dynamic foreign brand bathroom sink channel, also give consumers more affordable.

3. Chinese rapid urbanization provides the huge business opportunities
The speed of urbanization in China is the western country several times, after 30 years of efforts, the level of urbanization in China has reached more than 50%, but the overall level of urbanization and the western developed countries there are still large gaps. This is precisely the Chinese sanitary ware brand opportunities. China rural urbanization, be the first to bear the brunt of the residential urbanization, they need to be highly cost-effective sanitary ware brand Bathroom spas and factory direct spas, this is the domestic bathroom overall opportunity, rural urbanization, required products are mostly the cost is not too high, reliable quality, good after sale service, these elements, often is the domestic bathroom brand strength. Therefore, bathroom brand to seize the opportunity of urbanization, foreign brand bathroom cut in the range of market opportunities, so as to establish a good reputation and reputation.

The overall sanitary attractive market potential

By monalisachina

Bathroom as a whole has been accelerated the integration of bathroom products and sanitary sector to further develop, as well as decoration of time and energy savings for consumers.Its presence means that consumers are not required to run such as toilets, basin, mirror, bathtub, as long as the watch design and price, you can easily have A own bathroom as a whole.

But this ideal bathroom bathroom and has been slower to occupy the current market as a whole. While the hype has been deeply rooted in the concept of the bathroom as a whole, but the market response has been tepid, most consumers are buying less.
The overall sanitary market potential is huge

Bathroom design with the progressive development of the full package solution " The whole bathroom " is concerned by the industry and consumers, they gradually in the footsteps of occupation of the bathroom market accelerated pace.People on the whole There is also a new interpretation of the concept of the bathroom. Bathroom as a whole, that is, sanitary ware, bathroom, bath, furniture, shower screen taps, showers, tiles of any of the individual products such as accessories in the design are integrated into a unified whole environment, the overall solution is a family bathroom space.

According to industry estimates, within the next 5 years, " the whole kitchen " The market will be $40 billion above, if you add a large number of kitchen appliances and ancillary equipment, the next 10 years, its market is expected to reach $100 billion.And as the brand full involvement in all sectors of the kitchen, to consolidate resources, rapid and stronger, bigger, satisfy the consumer to consumer kitchen " holistic " demand, reduce the distance between the product and the consumer, become the kitchen and the main directions for enterprise development as a whole.

" The whole bathroom " one big brand to be seen

At present, some high-end bathroom brand, such as Kohler, such as Toto, hansgrohe, American Standard is doing overall bathroom products. According to market conditions Overall, the overall current consumption location for the high-end bathroom, so most customers general response to high.According to reporters at the house, the red star Mei Kai Lung store visits of view, whether domestic or international brand, the whole bathroom, the prices are much higher than ordinary bathroom.

In response, some experts pointed out that this mode of high - oriented marketing is bad for sanitary more quickly to consumers as a whole family. In the low-end direction should be in the future." The whole bathroom is not necessarily representative of the overall luxury, in fact, it can be simple, particularly useful.

Designers in the industry, said a growing number of brands can from the design of bathroom space for customers to select bath products, and then to the atmosphere such as creating a " whole bathroom solutions ", enabling consumers to experience these services to high-end quality of life, enjoy the modern still life.

" The whole bathroom " is still stuck in the concept stage

Day invitation - prone east of Legalists in home improvement, chairman of FAI optimistic about China's overall development of the bathroom. In his view, bathroom products in China lack of integration, and is currently led by Europe to the overall development of sanitary products are, it will become the future development trend of the overall bathroom.

Experts say the bathroom should not just be to make the product as a whole, should be the creation of a sanitary environment, as the country's high population growth, the overall bathroom has a very good market prospects.However, the market situation, the overall sanitary ware China is the main stay in the " copy " The level of foreign countries. The industry believes that, if it's just a simple move foreign products to China, may not get very good results, the bathroom business first thing to do is understand the Chinese market characteristics, according to market situation for consumers " tailor-made " for their bathroom products as a whole.

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