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Help Motortopia Grow - Win a $250.00 Shopping Spree

By motortopia

Win a Griot's Garage $250.00 shopping spree by helping Motortopia grow. It's so easy!

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Invite your buddies, club friends, and other car, bike, plane, or boat enthusiasts to join Motortopia! Just use our awesome, invitation system. (or click on "Invite" in the Motortopia top navigatoin bar)

For each person who joins Motortopia from your invitation - you increase your chance to win the $250 Griot's Garage shopping spree! An early Christmas for you.

We'll announce the winner at noon on January 20, 2010. So, get started inviting folks to join the best place on the internet for motor enthusiasts.

And, by doing so, you will help -- entirely created and provided by car enthusiasts.

Thank you.

The Motortopia Team

Women of SEMA 2009 - Day Two - Wow!

By motortopia

Trick our Treat is over. . . but it seemed like a holiday to us.

We promise, we'll get your some car stories and pics soon (tonight) but thought you should have these right away.

And, remember to leave those trophy votes on the photo slideshow to show your appreciation.

The Times, they are a Changin'. Veitnamese Businessman buys Private Plane.

By motortopia

It happens every day in the United States, but in Vietnam, not many businesspeople have their own aircraft. But, the times are chaning.

Chinaview reports that "Doan Nguyen Duc, chairman of the Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock Company, paid 7 million U.S. dollars for the U.S.-made Beechcraft King Air 350, Series FL-417, which has a 12-seat capacity.

The plane is scheduled to reach Tan Son Nhat airport in the southern Ho Chi Minh city on Wednesday, and to be used for business purposes, said the newspaper.

The Law on Aviation in Vietnam allows private ownership of planes. It also requires that the owner have an aviation license, a licensed air crew and pilot, and approval from the Ministry of Defense to fly within the country, Lai Xuan Thanh, deputy director of Vietnam's Civil Aviation Administration was quoted as saying. "

What next? EAA chapters? Let's hope so.

Boys and Their Toys. If you Can't Buy 'em Build 'em.

By motortopia

When we look at sleek planes and rockets, you have to think about and admire the folks who designed them.

Well, for one young man, designing flying things is not a dream. The Star Online reports that an 18 year-old, Aditya Singh, has won a prestigious NASA competition for submitting the best essay about building rockets.

Might be an interesting young man to invite to your next EAA meeting. Cool.

You can read the full article here.

Morning Grin. Be Careful About Those Plates.

By motortopia

I'll bet lots of you have customized plates for your cars. Well, check out this plate from Virginia. Someone was not thinking ahead...or maybe they were :-). [photo from photobucket]

How To Cure Your Love of Flying - or at least of Landing

By motortopia

We have all had some very tight landings. The ones the make you tie up the plane, walk to a bar and get the first good stiff drink they had available.

Well, a friend sent this near-crash-landing video to me today about a near-crash-landing in Germany.

Remember that cross-wind training? Not quite as easy sometimes as it seems in the book.

Mystery Car of the Day (#8)

By motortopia

We're looking for year, make, model, and owner. Good Luck!

Bikes, Planes, and Cars all powered by Rotary engines.

By motortopia

Simple and effective concepts are the best. The rotary engine is a great example.

Used in airplanes,motorcycles, and cars; the rotary engine was a stable powerplant for vehicles around the world.

The idea is straightforward. No fixed rotating crankshaft as with the radial engine, the crankshaft remains stationary and the entire cylinder block rotates around it.

They are easy to see in old aircraft because the crankshaft is fixed directly to an aircraft frame, and the propeller simply bolted onto the front of the cylinder block.

Basically a big gyroscope, the flywheel effect of the rotating engine mass could produce smooth power.

An interesting fact is that most rotary engines were built with an odd number of pistons.

Early used in aircraft, the rotary engine was used in most aircraft in the early 1900's. The were great air-cooled engines.

Because of the gyroscopic effect, it could sometimes make it more difficult to turn an aircraft. It was easy to go left, not so easy to go right.

Mystery Car of the Day (#7)

By motortopia

This picture isn't from the main vehicle photo, but the tail lights should give it away... we are looking for year, make, model and owner.

Mystery Car of the Day (#6)

By motortopia

These are too easy! Ok no hints, lets hear the year, make, model and owner of this one...

Mystery Car of the Day (#5)

By motortopia

CrimsonKrush got the last one. OK, now for the next one, you should know who's it is if you've been paying any attention around here ;)

OK I'll throw in a small hint:

In a rocky town in the vicinity of Vegas, this precious stone of a vehicle sits.

Ebay. Planes for Sale. Cool

By motortopia

It is a new era.

Plane for sales on eBay.

Check this out. Here is a Beechcraft 33 for sale on the auction site.

Would you buy a plane this way?

Mystery Car of the Day (#4)

By motortopia

OK, car #3 was an easy one, picked up quick by tamatt79.

This one might be a bit trickier, and comes with a riddle:

From the man north of us bearing the finger of a tree. This is one of Henry's finest, touting a hat full of beads.

Mystery Car of the Day (#3)

By motortopia

OK, JerryAndMary easily got the first mystery car, and the second one wasn't quite so easy, but mustang50dominates finally got it!

Here is mystery car #3, can you spot it? We want year, make, model and owner. Good Luck!

Mystery Car of the Day (#2)

By motortopia

OK, so the first mystery car was pretty easy. Here's the next one, it should be easy too. We want the make, model, year and owner. Good Luck!

Mystery Car of the Day

By motortopia

So, we have a picture (or part of a picture) of someone's ride here on Motortopia. Can you identify the make and model, and more importantly, identify it's owner?

How'd Ya Get That Handle, Frog? Need a Chuckle? Read this!

By motortopia

Got a healthy chuckle yesterday when a Motortopia friend shared the story about her handle with us.

The more friends we have on Motortopia, the more we find ourselves talking around here with each other in weird names, in Motortopia-speak. We talk about people with their handles which represent cars - 99_corvette, or jobs - amarillo_banker; or hobbies - guitarman.

But, yesterday, one of our friends shared the story of how she got her handle - FROG. Take some time to watch the video of how FROG got her handle, and then head on over to FROG's GARAGE and leave her a note.

And, tell us about your own, or other funniest handle here in the comments. We'll all enjoy your comments here.

Have a good one.

David (goldylocks, that is :-) ) and the Motortopia team!

Happy Birthday, Dale. We salute you! Share your thoughts here.

By motortopia

I know one of the things we all love about cars, being around others who love cars, and watching folks who love cars, driving, racing and things car related is the unbridled passion, the true and non-manufactured passion, for cars and the car - sports.

No one lived that better than Dale Earnhardt, born today, April 29, 1951; Earnhardt held so many honors: from Rookie of The Year in 1979 to Inductee into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2006.

Each one of us probably has our memory of Dale; some image from some race, or winner's circle, or interview which helps us understand and remember; that it is heart and soul that drives the best in motortoports; and Dale gave us a lot of heart while he was on this earth.

Whether you are passionate about cars, bikes, boats, or airplanes; we all know Earnhardt and what he did for the love of his sport.

Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dale. And, Thank You.

Please share your thoughts here.

We're good to go -- AT LAST -- read the full story here.

By motortopia

"The routes are working, the routes are working!"

That's how a network engineer expresses glee when the packets of information that make the internet go are flowing, once again, easily from your site to the world.

And that is exactly what we heard from our engineers in various locations who were working to solve our "internet headache" this week.

Wow, what a week!

Early Tuesday morning we started with a major data center upgrade ( to help Motortopia run even better and get ready for some cool new services we will offer you on Motortopia :-) )

And, you know the story--- everything was "supposed" to go just as smooth as cybersilk. UhHuh.

The data center upgrade itself was pretty easy. It took about 4-5 hours to get the systems installed and hooked up. We are now coming to you from our new data center with lots of redundant connections to the internet and some other really cool, starwars looking things.

But, the best data center in the world is not so hot unless you can get your servers to talk with the rest of the world. And to do that, the traffic cops of the internet, routing tables, have to be updated around the globe.

Theoretically (man, I am beginning to hate that word ;-) ) this should only take a few hours. And, for many of our Motortopia friends out there...that it all that it took. But for many others of you, Motortopia just seemed to get lost in Cyberspace.

Just like you track down a short in an electrical system -- it can be maddening sometimes -- we worked with engineers with some of the world's largest internet backbone providers to figure this out. At first, we just kept hearing, well, just wait, just wait, all will be fine. Then we pushed the issue because things were not getting fine. Many of you reported you could still not get to Motortopia on Tuesday night, then Wednesday, then Thursday.

So, we are pulling our hair out.

And, finally, a few smart engineers at ( and we don't necessarily want to give out names but it rhymes with AT &T :-)) tracked down a bug in the way their routing tables were telling the world about where Motortopia was at, fixed the little bug, and now we are back up and running.

Hence, two thumbs up. All is good to go.

Thanks to the guys here at Motortopia who worked day and night since Tuesday to get this all resolved. And thanks to the engineers who finally helped figure this out. To some very large telecommunications companies that rhymes with A T & T, we say.........

and, most important, to all of you, our Motortopia friends, we stay thank you for sticking with us this week. Many of you emailed information and support from around the world. This helped us track down the issues and get things resolved. Your're all the best.

Please leave us some comments....and have a great day!

Team Motortopia!

2008 will be GREAT for Motortopia

By motortopia

We have really enjoyed working with you all through 2007 and now, with comments coming from you all year long, we look for a lot of great things in 2008. Watch this spot for new announcements soon.

And please remember to post your comments onour forums. . . . we read them all and they really help us in our development decisions.

Thank You...all you great Motortopians!

Merry Christmas to Our Motortopia Airplane Friends

By motortopia

Maybe you are having a quiet Christmas, maybe you are surrounded by lots of people. Maybe you are at home, or maybe you have traveled far away to be with family and friends who are distant most of the year.

Wherever you are, all of us at Motortopia wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Sometimes You just gotta have a V-8 -- Parts and Furniture.

By motortopia

A very interesting post and pic show how a V-8 gets recycled to a nice - and useful - piece of furniture. Wonder if that's Merlot of Chadonny in the cylinders? ;-).

Anyone else with a parts and furniture comment or story?

Car, bike, boat, or plane, it would be interesting to know how any of the parts ended up as furniture, or other items too. Have a good one.

2008 Vans RV-10

By motortopia

philwhite9 is building a Vans RV-10. But this isn't just any RV-10, this one will be powered by a rare 3-rotor Mazda 20B engine.

Check it out!

Meet Kolbra012

By motortopia

Kolbra012 has a hangar full of planes, including a 1946 Interstate S-1 Cadet, a 2001 Vans RV8, and a 2007 Kolb King Kolbra.

Stop by and say "hello"!

Crete Airport EAA Chapter Meeting

By motortopia

Motortopia promotions spent the evening at the Crete airport with the local EAA chapter spreading the word about the site. There were some really neat projects in the works as well as some with some soon to come first take offs. Enjoy the pics.

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