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Baer Brake Systems’ Big Grippers for the 2010 Mustang

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The Baer Brake Systems Pro Plus 14 system on the Mustang provides the perfect performance-inspired feel topped off by the perfectly cut Colorado Custom Blade billet wheels.

Horsepower and speed have been at the top of the performance food chain since enthusiasts were dropping warmed over V-8s in hot rods in the ‘40s. Today we are spoiled with fuel-injected and aluminum head-equipped engines that when topped with a blower fuel quick horsepower into the hands of the lucky pilot. Just as tire-igniting horsepower is paramount to the driving experience, being able to control and safely halt that horsepower when the performance blaze gets a bit too hot is also important. Stopping safely when you are pushing your muscle car through the cones or on the road course is important to enjoying the experience behind the wheel with confidence. (more…)

Installing a Spectre ProFab Cold Air Intake on a Camaro Street Machine

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Look under the hood of any vehicle built after around 1990 and you’ll notice one thing in common: They all have an intake system that pulls air from a fender well or from the front of the core support, supplying the engine with fresh cool air for maximum power and efficiency. Why? Because cool air is denser then warm air, which means there is more oxygen packed into every square inch. The higher the oxygen content, the more powerful and efficient your engine will be with every stroke of a piston. Cooler intake air becomes a denser charge, which equals more tire-churning power. (more…)