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Hotchkis’ New Home

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

You had to get there early to get a spot because the parking lot reached maximum capacity before the event was even scheduled to begin.

Proof That They Sure Can Throw a Party

The name John Hotchkis might be familiar to you. After all, he spent more than 20 years racing on the IMSA and SCCA circuits for companies like Wynn’s Oil. Like most successful race car drivers, their ability to give feedback to their crew chief about how a car handles at speed is invaluable to a race team efforts. John had a talent for this, and after he retired he decided to open a performance suspension manufacturing facility that caters to a clientele in search of handling excellence, or how John likes to put it, “horsepower for your suspension.”

Due to their success, John and his staff needed to expand their operations to a larger building. The search took some time, but their patience paid off when they found the perfect building right down the street from the old building that would help assuage their recent growing pains.

To celebrate such a great find, and taking the opportunity show off the new digs, John decided to throw an open house so the public could get an inside look at where some of the finest suspension parts are made right in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Highlights of the event included tech talks on Hotchkis suspension systems, raffle prizes, installation demonstrations and a complimentary lunch. John opened the event with a presentation on Hotchkis products, and the recent formation of the H-Team, an exclusive group of drivers that run Hotchkis Total Vehicle systems. Members of the H-Team also spoke and answered questions about their own projects. Members of the Southern California Super Sport club showed their support by bringing out a great display of GM muscle.

All and all, we had had our fill on lunch and a great time, talking to many new friends and visiting with some old, familiar faces. We were also very impressed with the turnout of vehicles, the staff, the quality of products and the great-looking facility. If you would like to learn more about the Hotchkis line of products, check out (http://www NULL.hotchkis, or give them a call at 888.735.6425.


Hotchkis Performance Suspension (http://www NULL.hotchkis

Ken Jansen’s 35-Year Bond With His Amazing ’68 GTX

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Ken Jansen, 1968 Plymouth Hemi GTX, British Columbia, Canada

There are few enthusiasts out there who can say they still own their high school hot rod, that car that introduced a world of performance freedom the minute the key was cranked and the pedal was mashed. Some of us spend our whole lives searching for the VIN that carried us through our youth. Ken Jansen is lucky enough to flashback 35 years every time he climbs behind the wheel of his ’68 GTX, minus the long hair and Cragars. (more…)

You Have Just Bought a Welder, Now What?

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

How to Setup a New Lincoln MIG Welder With a Quick Stop at Our Local Praxair Store

You’ve saved up some money and now you’re ready to invest in a new MIG welder. First, you did your homework to figure out how much power you need and you found out whether or not your garage is wired to support a 220 circuit—just like we did. We decided to go with a new Lincoln Electric 255XT MIG machine, mainly because so many useful options are included with that model for free, like trigger lock, a spot weld timer, run-in adjustment and burn-back adjustment. (more…)

Ron Huskins’ 1970 Mustang Mach 1

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

We’ve all seen the T-shirt that reads “Still plays with cars.” Most who own this shirt want you to know that they’re still into the stuff that they enjoyed when they were kids. Since the late-‘60s most little boys grew up playing with die-cast toy cars. The best toys looked custom built or like race cars. (more…)