A 1967 Camaro Built to Turn Heads

June 9th, 2010

In the world of all-out performance muscle cars everyone is always impressed with the cars that throw down significant horsepower, sit flat on the tarmac, and scare critters back into hibernation when the bump stick starts spinning and the pipes roar. While these performance-packed and well-detailed machines may impress at the shows or when the fun pedal is planted, there is something to be said for a mild custom muscle car that is built just to cruise. Jim Davis Senior of Lubbock, Texas, is the owner of the 1967 Camaro RS glaring off of these pages and while it may not pack 600 HP and 20s under the fenders, it’s the perfect Sunday driver.

Jim bought the car a number of years ago and proceeded to do a mild resto on it, sanding off the original Butternut Yellow and topping the body with a bright Hugger Orange with factory RS belt stripe around the forward valance. Carl Owens of Carl’s Paint & Body attended to the body and paint chores and made the old Camaro glass straight and glowing like a fine diamond. A steel cowl induction hood was added and shaded with custom graphics by Jason Hill of Hill’s Hot Rods.

After the body and paint had been attended to and was fit for fairground cruising, Jim yanked out the original powerplant and dropped in a fresh 290-HP, 350 GMPP crate motor from Scoggin’ Dickey Parts Center, backed by a mildly massaged Turbo 350. The stock 10-bolt rearend sends power to the 17-inch Cragar SS polished aluminum wheels and Kumho tires. The original rocker panel trim, bumpers, mirrors, and window trim were stripped and replated for a show-winning touch.

A 290-HP, 350 crate motor provides the cruising ammunition for Jim’s Sunday drives.

Between the doors the classic approach was embraced with Hugger Orange seats with black hound’s tooth inserts providing the platforms for the cruising experience. Dakota Digital gauges provide signals about the small-block’s demeanor. Navigating chores are carried out by a factory RS steering wheel, while the gears are pulled via the factory shifter nestled in the factory center console.

Jason Hill of Hill’s Hot Rods added a simple spear graphic to the cowl induction hood.

Of course with his son being a master craftsman of all things electronic, Jimmy Davis Jr. of JD Glassworks hooked dad up with a mild audio system for cruising made up of Infinti and Sony components.

Jim Davis Sr. has created a very clean and well-executed, mild custom Camaro, and grips onto the keys nearly every weekend for a bit of R&R behind the wheel.

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