A Little Inside Investigation at SoCal’s IMZZ Industries

June 9th, 2010

While muscle cars are enjoyable when they are finished and the owner gets to experience all of the flat-footed and gear-pulling excitement associated with a pavement-pounding street bruiser, they are also enjoyable when being built. That satisfaction of bolting up a new part after working all month to pay for it is what being a gearhead is all about. Imagine being able to watch many different sorts of projects take shape all under one roof? Projects from all different angles and build styles are what make the muscle car scene so darn cool. Everyone has different tastes and preferences when choosing a muscle car to occupy their garage.

To explore a few different builds going on at La Habra, California, based IMZZ Industries, we stopped on in with our cameras ready and snapped a few shots of some of the various builds going on inside the shop and a few awaiting their turn in the customizing spotlight. Bowties and Blue Ovals flooded the grounds at IMZZ, and everything from blown small-blocks to torque twisting big-blocks were captured on engine stands and under the hoods of miscellaneous muscle cars. Enjoy the ride through IMZZ Industries and check out www.imzzindustries.com (http://www NULL.imzzindustries NULL.com/) for more information on the shop and its services.

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