Mallory Performance E-Fire Electronic Chevrolet V8 Distributor with Comp 9000 Cap

June 10th, 2010

Mallory Performance introduces their E-Fire Electronic Chevrolet V8 Distributor with Comp 9000 Cap. Unlike some competitors, Mallory’s E-Fire Distributor Series do not require an external ignition box. Full electronic timing control – both RPM and vacuum based is available. There are seven preprogrammed custom advance curves or you can design your own using free Windows-based software. The vacuum advance comes preprogrammed for high performance use or it can be custom curved using the design software included. The 3 BAR Map Sensor allows for fully adjustable boost proportional retard and can handle up to 30 pounds of boost. Single stage rev limiting, easy to adjust using the included software — no chips required. All Wiring Harnesses are included and feature weatherproof terminals for maximum dependability. All CNC-machined billet construction to ensure maximum precision. The Interchangeable Distributor Cap feature allows for 2 popular cap styles to be used to best suit the application and available clearance.

Mallory Ignition/Prestolite Performance (http://www NULL.malloryperformance

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