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Converting the stock front suspension of your 1962-67 Chevy II Nova or Canadian-GM Acadian to coil-over shocks is now a simple bolt-on procedure. VariShock’s exclusive modular shock tower adapter system and spherical stem assembly gives you a choice of stock or lowered ride heights and can be used for a broad variety of vehicles and performance applications. The tower adapter and lower crossbar replace the factory shock mount and lower spring perch, respectively. Lightweight billet aluminum VariShock coil-overs are available in 16-position single-adjustable or 256-combination double-adjustable versions and provide up to 7 ½ inches of suspension travel. Coil-spring rates range from 350-750 lb-in, suitable for ride quality, handling and drag race performance applications. Pricing starts at $788 and includes shocks, springs, tower adapters with reinforcement plate and mounting hardware. VariShock 800.388.2269

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