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Accurate ignition timing is the real key to obtaining maximum horsepower and efficiency from an internal combustion engine. But virtually no one knows how accurate their engine’s timing is, and if the mechanical and vacuum advance curves are functioning properly, or if the breaker points or electronic ignition module is providing the correct dwell for a hot spark. With a King Electronics D16 or D16-T distributor machine you can quit guessing and actually test these components, including the complete ignition system, to determine whether or not your ignition is performing properly, and find any hidden problems like distributor shaft run-out, which causes erratic cylinder-to-cylinder firing. King’s all-new distributor machines are a blend of the latest electronics and innovative mechanical features. The 1-hp motor is capable of smoothly spinning a distributor or magneto to 11,000 rpm, and the digital tachometer is accurate to 1 rpm. Whereas older machines attempted to grasp the distributor shaft with a three-jaw chuck, King uses an ER-40 collet system that totally eliminates slippage. The distributor tester’s housing is machined from billet aluminum that is black anodized with laser-etched symbols. An internal tubular frame is TIG-welded, as is the roll-around stand (standard on the Premium D16, optional on the Pro D16-T). You can test complete ignition systems from distributor to individual spark plugs. They accept all types of distributors and magnetos, including breaker points, magnetic pickups, optical sensors and electronic modules; they even include a high-tension inductive pickup for magnetos. An optional 1.5-hp motor will spin even the largest Top Fuel magnetos. Analog and digital ignition boxes can be checked for output and rpm-activated switches for delaying advance curves, setting rev limiters and nitrous oxide timers within 1-rpm accuracy. King Electronics 805.529.5754

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