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American Powertrain introduces the new E-body ProFit five-speed kit featuring its new ProShift3 shifter mechanism and all of the parts needed to convert the Challenger or ‘Cuda to a TKO five-speed. ProShift3 fits the original four-speed shift position in any 1970-74 Challenger or ‘Cuda. The all-new shift mechanism is specially isolated to reduce NVH in the cabin and is assembled to the gearbox prior to installation for easy bolt up. The low-profile tail housing and streamlined main case mean no cutting on the torsion bar cross member and no mods to consoles and most tunnels. A small tunnel patch is included for tight tunnels with minor clearance issues. The E-body ProFit kit includes a new E-body prepped TREMEC TKO with ProShift3, powder-coated bolt-in cross member, polyurethane mount, PST 3.5-inch seamless DOM driveshaft, choice of mechanical or electronic speedometer solution, a special pilot bearing that works in both four-speed and automatic cranks, Weatherseal reverse light harness and a custom release bearing for use with your OE clutch fork. Complete hardware and instructions and a five-speed pistol grip topper round out the kit. Kits start at $3,195 and are covered by American Powertrain’s comprehensive warranty and exclusive Customer First 24-hour tech support. American Powertrain 931.646.4836

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