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Spectro Motor-Guard Premium flat tappet break-in oil is optimally balanced to provide maximum protection during engine break-in. Most engine oils found in today’s market have much lower levels of zinc (zddp) than flat tappet cams were originally designed to be matched with. Spectro has specially formulated its flat tappet break-in oil with the highest levels of zinc for added wear protection and superior ring sealing. Protect your investment and get the most out of your engine—both in performance and longer life—by using proper lubrication during those first critical hours of operation. The engineers at Spectro also realize roller cam engines have their own unique needs. They have formulated their Spectro Motor-Guard Premium roller cam break-in oil to be specifically balanced to protect your high-performance roller cam engine during the important first hours of running. Whether racing, cruising or boating, you have spent time and money choosing your motor and components. Keep that motor running strong with Spectro Motor-Guard Premium roller cam break-in oil. Spectro 800.243.8645 x111

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