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June 8th, 2011


CPP’s new nickel-plated U-joints are CNC machined and precision broached for a perfect fit. Stainless steel sealed bearing cap and nickel plating gives a polished, stainless look. It works up to a 30-degree angle. All popular sizes are available.

Classic Performance Products, Inc. has been providing the classic Chevy and Ford truck, as well as Chevy passenger car market with top quality steering, brake and suspension components for the last two decades.

Classic Performance Products

714.522.2000 (http://www NULL.classicperform


Be Cool has expanded its industry-proven product line with its new Be Cool OE Series radiator that combines a modern aluminum core design with a factory-appearing finish, and correct-appearing, ribbed factory tank design of a stock OEM copper/brass/lead unit. Now 1955-57 Chevrolets, 1968-72 GM A-bodies, 1967-69 Camaros or 1955-72 Corvettes can still look original, but they wont overheat with a new Be Cool OE Series radiator. Not only will your new radiator look stock, it won’t leak, either. More than a dozen models cover most GM stick and automatic applications. These new Be Cool OE Series aluminum radiators feature an OE black finish and come with a new factory OE replacement radiator cap where applicable. Automatic transmission versions feature transmission cooling line fittings in the original thread size and location.

Be Cool Inc

800.691.2667 (http://www NULL.becool


Cobra Automotive now offers an exact duplicate of the original 289/271-hp factory hi-po harmonic balancer. This new balancer is made from the original Ford blueprints and is identical in every way (other than the original Ford logo and part number), with the original timing scale perfectly engraved along the outer surface. The new balancer has a totally correct appearance. This is a fully balanced replacement piece that eliminates the use of old hi-po balancers that allow the timing marks to continuously move because of the dried-up inner rubber liner. It will bolt onto any 289 hi-po engine from 1963-67 or any 289 engine to give it the same appearance as a 289 hi-po. It comes nicely packaged with the correct original part number, #C6OE-6316-A, on the outside of the box. The price is $295.

Cobra Automotive

203.284.3863 (http://www NULL.cobraautomotive


Proform/Specialty Auto Parts has added this aggressively designed, super lightweight Perfect Launch differential cover to its ever-growing line of GM and Ford performance parts. Less weight equals more speed, so lighten up your rearend with these Perfect Launch reinforced diff covers. They have been specifically designed to add strength to the rear housing case, which is particularly important during heavy torque situations. Each Perfect Launch cover includes two bolts to stabilize bearing main caps, two magnetic drain plugs and cover mounting bolts for your application. These covers are available for the GM 10-bolt (P/N 66668), the GM 12-bolt (P/N 69502) and the Ford 8.8-inch (P/N 69501) rearends.

Proform/Specialty Auto Parts

586-774-2500, (http://www NULL.proformparts


ProCharger is introducing this new cog race kit for ‘11 5.0 Mustangs. This rollout follows on the heels of the Stage II supercharger system and tuner kit and high output system and tuner kit that were introduced at SEMA and in late July respectively. The new cog race kit features a rugged billet aluminum bracket and tensioner pulley, cog crank pulley and is designed around a proven, 50mm dedicated cog drive belt. The bracket can mount a wide range of ProCharger supercharger models, including the F-1D, F-1, F-1A, F-1C and F-1R, which carry hp ratings of 1,000 to 1,300 hp. The cog race kit also features a large, front-mounted, air-to-air intercooler and a legendary ProCharger race bypass valve. The new ‘11 5.0 Mustang cog race supercharger kits are available now through ProCharger dealers and have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting at $7,196.


913.338.2886 (http://www NULL.procharger


Edelbrock, known for pioneering the total power package combination of performance building components, has released a line of performance engine lubricants to protect these critical engine components. This new line of engine lubricants offers a variety of break-in oils, oil additives and synthetics. Edelbrock solicited Torco Advanced Lubricants to develop an offering of break-in oils, additives and synthetics that meet the strict performance demands and durability requirements of their research and development team. Edelbrock performance engine lubricants are available in a variety of blends, including 10w40 petroleum base or full synthetic zinc enhanced formulas; 5w30 with cat-safe protection for late-model domestic and import vehicles; Premium Break-in for proper protection in new or rebuilt engines at start-up; Engine Oil Supplement with zinc additive puts the performance back into conventional motor oils and treats up to 6 quarts; and Edelbrock Engine Assembly Lube provides professional grade engine assembly lubrication of critical build components in a consumer-friendly package.

Edelbrock (http://www NULL.edelbrock


Classic Industries announced the release of its newly updated Impala/Full-Size Catalog, which offers more than 1,000 new items for Chevrolet Impala and full-size passenger car models. This new catalog offers restoration, performance parts and accessories for 1958-96 Impala and full-size models and now also includes 1959-60 El Camino models. At more than 700 pages, this full color catalog embodies the most complete offering of new restoration, restyling and performance products available to Impala/full-size owner and restorer. New for this year is a broad selection of parts and accessories, including some of today’s hottest automotive trends for Impala, such as valve covers and performance parts for the desirable 348/409-ci engine, high-tech LED tail lamp conversions, disc brake conversions and much more. This updated catalog also features hundreds of new restoration parts, with expanded glass and interior components, new and improved molded carpet sets and new tire options. This catalog offers a greater selection of sheet metal for a broader range of model years and now includes the full-size El Camino.

Classic Industries

800.854.1280 (http://www NULL.classicindustries


For those who wish to add a turbo or any power adder to their new 5L ‘11 V-8 Ford Mustang Coyote, forged pistons will be necessary, so Diamond is announcing a new series of low-silicon 2618 forgings, comprising a variety of compression ratios from 8.5:1 to 11.5:1 as well as in four different bore sizes. The piston illustrated (P/N 30113) has a 6cc dish, and when used in conjunction with the production 57cc Coyote cylinder head, contributes a compression ratio of 9.5:1, which is ideal for running pump fuel. It will also accommodate a small turbo producing 8-10 psi of boost. To protect the top ring from the increased heat generated by power upgrades it is positioned .300-inch down from the crown. Diamond also upgraded the piston pins, selecting 4130 chrome molybdenum material. Double spiral locks secure the pins, and Diamond offers three optional barrier coatings for these pistons: hard anodizing, Teflon skirt coating and a ceramic thermal barrier crown coating. The anodizing, a Type 3 hard coat, protects against excessive combustion heat and detonation damage. It also increases corrosion and wear resistance and creates a hard surface finish approaching 70 Rockwell. It contributes an excellent adhesive surface for the Teflon skirt coating—a moly-based dry-film lubricant that reduces friction and scuffing.

Diamond Pistons

877.552.2112 (http://www NULL.diamondracing


Lower the front of your 4th Generation F-body 1-inch without affecting suspension travel with a set of lowering A-arms from BMR Fabrication. Based on their proven traditional A-arm design, these lowering A-arms are constructed from a combination of 1 5/8-inch and 1 1/4-inch DOM tubing and feature 3/16-inch laser-cut steel plates and CNC-machined ball joint cups. The BMR lowering A-arms (AA020) utilize a combination of low-deflection, internally fluted polyurethane bushings and Teflon-lined XR series spherical rod ends with stainless spacers. The result is a high quality tubular A-arm that not only reduces weight by 10 pounds, but lowers the vehicle without the typical geometry and alignment concerns.  Installation time is only two to three hours. It’s available in black hammer tone or red powder coat.

BMR Suspension

813.986.9302 (http://www NULL.bmrsuspension


What you’re looking at is a front disc brake kit for purists, a new kit now available from O’Brien Truckers. These folks have come up with a way to combine Wilwood disc brake stopping power with a classic look we all love. It may be hard to believe this is a disc brake front end, but that’s what this is—really!  It uses a traditional-looking front backing plate that incorporates a very attractive (and fully functional) cooling scoop with what appears to be a Buick-style finned brake drum. But what’s going on behind this backing plate is a whole other story. On the other side is Wilwood’s Dynalite Pro Series hub kit with front-mounted, billet four-piston calipers, pads, vented rotors and a set of custom caliper brackets.  The kit comes complete, for $1,595 unpolished or $1,795 polished.

O’Brien Truckers

508.248.1555 (http://www NULL.obrientruckers


Kugel Komponents has developed an adjustable tool designed to set and maintain ride height during fabrication and assembly of your project vehicle. The company’s Shock Mock-Ups offer ultimate usability and are great for use in place of coil-over or standard shocks. They are quality built from precision laser cut steel and silver zinc plated to last for years. No more mismatched pieces of scrap metal. Mock-Ups feature mounting holes at both ends to handle either ½-inch or 5/8-inch bolts. The combined hole spacing allows adjustments at ¼-inch increments. It uses a Clevis pin and spring clip for easy adjustment operation. Shock Mock-Ups are available in three sizes: short 7 ½ to 12 ½ inches, medium 9 ¼ to 14 ¾ inches and long 12 to 16 ¾- inches to handle all of your ride height requirements. They are sold as a pair and are in stock for immediate delivery. Kugel has more than 40 years of automotive experience and offers complete independent front and rearend systems as well as other products to meet your suspension needs.

Kugel Komponents

562.691.7006 (http://www NULL.kugelkomponents


Featuring next generation high power SMD LEDs, these bulbs work great in most stock taillight and turn signal housings. With 36 LEDs mounted radially, along with nine forward-firing LEDs, these bulbs emit light brighter than a standard incandescent bulb and fill out the entire housing without any focused hotspots. Longer lifetimes up to 30,000 hours, faster on/off response time, and resistance to vibration make them a perfect alternative for standard filament bulbs. The 1156/1157-x45-T comes in red, amber and white and are available along with a large selection of other automotive LED bulbs and LED accent lighting solutions.

Super Bright LEDs

866.590.3533 (http://www NULL.superbrightleds


The new Ford 5.0L engine in the ‘11 Mustang is an amazing performance package. Now with the addition of the new Roush exhaust for this engine, it can also have the growl and menacing throaty bark that an American V-8 muscle car needs. Drivers will experience an aggressive sound under acceleration, yet refined under steady state or cruising conditions, without the dreaded drone inside the cabin. The Roush 2011 exhaust kit uses 409 stainless steel in the construction of the pipes and muffler and has an open-chambered design that will not deteriorate over time. There are two versions available, the difference being the shape of the tail pipe. The round tips fit the Ford or Roush Mustang rear valence (P/N 421127, suggested retail $399); the Roush square tip design gives the car a totally different look, but requires the use of the Roush rear valence. The suggested retail on the square tip kit is $440 (P/N 421126; requires part 420009, $175).


800.59-ROUSH (http://www NULL.roushperformance


Brute Industries, Inc., manufacturer of Race Ramps, announce the release of Hook Nosed Rack Ramps as a lightweight alternative to the heavy steel ramps typically used with four-post lifts. Weighing as little as 9 pounds each–less than one-quarter the weight of factory steel ramps–Hook Nosed Rack Ramps are easy to move and store. They provide a 6.7-degree angle of approach, enabling vehicles with low ground clearance to get on the lift without scraping the front end. Hooked Nosed Rack Ramps come in three sizes, which can accommodate tires up to 16 inches wide on the bigger model. They are designed as a direct replacement for the heavy factory steel ramps used on a variety of popular four-post lifts. Their patented, super-lightweight, 100 percent solid construction ensures that the ramps are highly durable, virtually indestructible and very stable–with the ability to support a 6,000-pound vehicle. The ramps’ textured coating prevents sliding across floors, including epoxy-coated floors, yet they will not scratch or otherwise damage the floor. They are easy to clean and won’t rust.

Race Ramps

866.464.2788 (http://www NULL.raceramps


Viair is proud to introduce the world’s first automatic portable compressors, the VIAIR 400P-Automatic (2.54 cfm, 33 percent duty cycle), 450P-Automatic (1.66 cfm, 100 percent duty cycle) and 400P-RV Automatic (2.54 cfm, 33 percent duty cycle) with extended reach and inflation abilities. VIAIR automatic portable compressors offer automatic shut-off that simplify tire filling in a revolutionary way. Rather than rushing from the tire back to the compressor to shut it off, you can let the compressor run. The automatic function of these compressors turns the units on and off for you, while you move from tire to tire. This is especially useful for applications where compressor speed and long run time is desirable. All units are capable of 150-psi maximum working pressure and come with their own gas station-style tire inflation gun with high performance air pressure gauge onboard. Additionally, these heavy-duty compressors come with heavy-duty battery connection cables, an inflation tips kit, heavy-duty sand tray with rubber over-mold and a heavy-duty carrying bag for added portability.


949.585.0011 (http://www NULL.viaircorp

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