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Stuff You Gotta Have! » MCP-1104-NEWPRODS-PIX-10


What you’re looking at is a front disc brake kit for purists, a new kit now available from O’Brien Truckers. These folks have come up with a way to combine Wilwood disc brake stopping power with a classic look we all love. It may be hard to believe this is a disc brake front end, but that’s what this is—really! It uses a traditional-looking front backing plate that incorporates a very attractive (and fully functional) cooling scoop with what appears to be a Buick-style finned brake drum. But what’s going on behind this backing plate is a whole other story. On the other side is Wilwood’s Dynalite Pro Series hub kit with front-mounted, billet four-piston calipers, pads, vented rotors and a set of custom caliper brackets. The kit comes complete, for $1,595 unpolished or $1,795 polished.

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