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Stuff You Gotta Have! » MCP-1104-NEWPRODS-PIX-11


Kugel Komponents has developed an adjustable tool designed to set and maintain ride height during fabrication and assembly of your project vehicle. The company’s Shock Mock-Ups offer ultimate usability and are great for use in place of coil-over or standard shocks. They are quality built from precision laser cut steel and silver zinc plated to last for years. No more mismatched pieces of scrap metal. Mock-Ups feature mounting holes at both ends to handle either ½-inch or 5/8-inch bolts. The combined hole spacing allows adjustments at ¼-inch increments. It uses a Clevis pin and spring clip for easy adjustment operation. Shock Mock-Ups are available in three sizes: short 7 ½ to 12 ½ inches, medium 9 ¼ to 14 ¾ inches and long 12 to 16 ¾- inches to handle all of your ride height requirements. They are sold as a pair and are in stock for immediate delivery. Kugel has more than 40 years of automotive experience and offers complete independent front and rearend systems as well as other products to meet your suspension needs.

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