RS to the Rescue Camaro – V-6 Fast – V-8 Faster

June 9th, 2010

The first of the new Camaros are out and the verdict is plenty positive. The impressive Camaro RS with the hot little V-6 churns out 305-HP, the most of any performance counterpart from Chrysler or Ford. What it means in recent testing is that this little, lightweight engine bangs through the gears to a 0 to 60 MPH timing of 6.1 seconds. That is way faster than any other muscle car style V-6 we’ve experienced.

So while we’re excited about this news, what really gets the juices going is the fact that the Camaro will have a pair of high-tech V-8s starting with the LS3 engine rated at 400-HP and the L99 with an impressive 378 ponies. Our biggest question is why there are two V-8s only 22-HP apart in overall rating? Moreover, is there much of a weight penalty between the two engines compared to the V-6 that would obviously have some positive weight benefit? We can hardly wait to get our hands on these different power trains and see what kinds of modifications can be inflicted.

The new LS3 V-8 engine offered in the 2010 Camaro will feature 400-HP and a six-speed manual transmission.

While the engine packages are very cool, there is considerable focus drawn to the transmissions offered, both the automatic and manual transmissions coming in six-speed configurations. The unique steering wheel-mounted tap shift system with the L99 engine is a great feature that G8 Pontiac folks seem to love. Having a manual transmission is a huge plus for the Camaro right out of the gate, something that Challenger still lacks – and pays for with the performance crowd.

Regardless of the package you pick, it appears that even the often- dismissed V-6 version of the new Camaro will pack a punch, and that’s the best news we’ve heard in a long time.

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