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Hill’s Hot Rods Builds a Game-Changing Mopar

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Bob Brandt, 1970 Dodge Challenger, Lubbock, TX

In the tire-smoking and camshaft-thumping world of high performance muscle car art there are all sorts of ways in which enthusiasts choose to enjoy their cars. Some like to take a Sunday drive and grin from ear to ear when the loud pedal is mashed and their spine is forced back against the seat. Others build them to roll to a cruise night and turn heads, while some just hold the fabrication pedal all the way down and don’t lift it until they have the baddest (insert Chevy, Ford or Mopar here) on the planet. For Bob Brandt of Lubbock, Texas, his fascination with pavement-pounding performance cars was ignited at a young age when he saw factory-fast performance cars roll off the showroom floor new and do battle at the local drags in stock trim. In high school Bob was fortunate enough to drive a purple ‘70 Challenger R/T. (more…)