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CGS Performance Products’ 2010 Mustang

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Casey Scranton, 2010 Ford Mustang, Chino, CA, CGS Performance Products

It is no secret that when the latest versions of modern muscle cars come out, there are a lot of aftermarket performance companies that have to get their hands on them as soon as possible. The idea is to get going on R&D so they can come to market with their parts pretty darn quick. A lot of times a company can find someone locally who doesn’t mind giving up their new car for a couple days at a time so that they can get the latest new performance part or accessory for their ride. But when a car as cool as the ‘10 Ford Mustang is involved, well, you’ll have a hard time not wanting the car for yourself. (more…)

Baer Brake Systems’ Big Grippers for the 2010 Mustang

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The Baer Brake Systems Pro Plus 14 system on the Mustang provides the perfect performance-inspired feel topped off by the perfectly cut Colorado Custom Blade billet wheels.

Horsepower and speed have been at the top of the performance food chain since enthusiasts were dropping warmed over V-8s in hot rods in the ‘40s. Today we are spoiled with fuel-injected and aluminum head-equipped engines that when topped with a blower fuel quick horsepower into the hands of the lucky pilot. Just as tire-igniting horsepower is paramount to the driving experience, being able to control and safely halt that horsepower when the performance blaze gets a bit too hot is also important. Stopping safely when you are pushing your muscle car through the cones or on the road course is important to enjoying the experience behind the wheel with confidence. (more…)

The Low Down – Installing an H & R suspension for Improved Handling and Looks

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

This is our 2008 sporting the Sport Tuning wheels and Dunlop tires from Tire Rack. The body is at factory ride height and clearly has excessive space between the body and the top of the tire.

The new Mustang is an excellent platform for performance, with great power and terrific looks. But let’s face it, the suspension is a compromise between ground clearance and a cushy ride for the masses. If you add performance tires and wheels to the mix, it only goes to further prove the need for a better suspension.

The folks at Tire Rack were instrumental in getting us the new Dunlop performance tires and Suspension Tuning 20-inch wheels for our 2008 Mustang, but clearly there was a need to enhance the suspension to match the nearly 3 inches of daylight between the edge of the fender well and the top of the tire. The key was to select a suspension that offered not only better handling, but also decent road manners and ride height adjustability. The H & R suspension does all that and comes in a wide variety of styles. (more…)