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‘Stang Stop Tips – Baer Brakes Upgrade for Our Late-Model Mustang

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Our 2008 Ford Mustang started out simple enough with a stock 4.6-liter engine and automatic transmission. The factory 17-inch wheels looked great, but with the oversized rotors we had in mind, it was clear they would not do. The folks at Tire Rack were helpful and supplied us with a set of 20-inch wheels and Dunlop tires.

As any racer will tell you, you can’t drive any faster than you have the ability to stop. Brakes allow you to have the confidence to drive deep into the corner, apply the brakes and drive on through. Our heavy Mustang (around 4,000 pounds in convertible trim) was running strong with plenty of power from the Magnacharger induction system, but required some help in the braking department. To the rescue came Baer Brakes. (more…)

Baer Brake Systems’ Big Grippers for the 2010 Mustang

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The Baer Brake Systems Pro Plus 14 system on the Mustang provides the perfect performance-inspired feel topped off by the perfectly cut Colorado Custom Blade billet wheels.

Horsepower and speed have been at the top of the performance food chain since enthusiasts were dropping warmed over V-8s in hot rods in the ‘40s. Today we are spoiled with fuel-injected and aluminum head-equipped engines that when topped with a blower fuel quick horsepower into the hands of the lucky pilot. Just as tire-igniting horsepower is paramount to the driving experience, being able to control and safely halt that horsepower when the performance blaze gets a bit too hot is also important. Stopping safely when you are pushing your muscle car through the cones or on the road course is important to enjoying the experience behind the wheel with confidence. (more…)

Orange Bang – Classic Lines and Corvette Power

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

When it comes to classic muscle cars the Chevelle is certainly one of the most popular platforms to build upon. Some take the restored approach and can’t bear the thought of separating a family of parts that has lived under the same hood and underbelly since the day the car rolled off the assembly line. The whole numbers matching concept is great for the enthusiast who wants his or her car to hold up under scrutiny from the most discerning purist. The other type of enthusiast not only wants a great looking muscle car, but also one they can beat the snot out of every time they climb behind the steering wheel. (more…)

Pony Up – A 518-Horse Supercharged Beauty

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Most muscle car fanatics are loyal to one brand and will defend that brand no matter what the cost. For James Goode of Garland, Texas, ownership of this air ride equipped and supercharged 2005 Mustang Pony convertible was merely a right place at the right time endeavor. Goode is a retried football coach and a few years back while still coaching football, he had what he calls a “cardiac episode.” In anticipation of bad news from the doctors Goode sold his 2004 Corvette ragtop and settled up his bills. Fortunately the doctors came back with good news and Goode was in the clear, but his prized ’04 ‘Vette was already down the road. (more…)