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Installing a ProCharger Supercharger on a 3.8 V-6 Mustang

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Now we brought the main unit over to the car and installed it behind the radiator fan, this is a very close fit, but the unit will slip on if aligned properly. You must not force it.

When does a V-6 engine crank out more power than a V-8? When it’s boosted by a power adder system such as a turbo or supercharger.In the case of ProCharger, we found a system that delivers excellent power and drivability (more…)

The Find – Roland’s 1968 Shelby GT500 KR Father’s Day Present

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Roland Ball of Plano, Texas, sure knows how to have a great Father’s Day. It was in June 2002 when he first saw and fell in love with this unique 1968 Shelby GT500 KR. Roland’s good friend, Jeff Goodlove, discovered this exceptional car in a storage garage. Jeff had taken his father out just to look around for some old cars when he happened to find this Raven Black Shelby. Jeff asked the owner of the garage if he could take a peek at what was under the cover. When he saw the Shelby, he immediately thought of his friend Roland who had expressed more than once his love for that year and model of Shelby. (more…)

Blast From the Past – Terlingua Racing 1966 Mustang Replica

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The Terlingua DM-450 Mustang is patterned directly after the legendary Terlingua Racing Team notchback Trans Am Mustangs of 1966. Today, Dallas Mustang creates these replicas for Ford fans looking to relive the success and speed of these great looking racing coupes. Dallas Mustang owner Randy Gibson, along with project engineer Kenny Northum, personally select every Mustang for the Terlingua program. Each car is completely disassembled for a total ground-up rebuild. Exceptionally rare or hard to find parts are selected for each restoration. (more…)

The Low Down – Installing an H & R suspension for Improved Handling and Looks

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

This is our 2008 sporting the Sport Tuning wheels and Dunlop tires from Tire Rack. The body is at factory ride height and clearly has excessive space between the body and the top of the tire.

The new Mustang is an excellent platform for performance, with great power and terrific looks. But let’s face it, the suspension is a compromise between ground clearance and a cushy ride for the masses. If you add performance tires and wheels to the mix, it only goes to further prove the need for a better suspension.

The folks at Tire Rack were instrumental in getting us the new Dunlop performance tires and Suspension Tuning 20-inch wheels for our 2008 Mustang, but clearly there was a need to enhance the suspension to match the nearly 3 inches of daylight between the edge of the fender well and the top of the tire. The key was to select a suspension that offered not only better handling, but also decent road manners and ride height adjustability. The H & R suspension does all that and comes in a wide variety of styles. (more…)

Mustang Library – A Wealth of FoMoCo Knowledge!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Mustang owners are a rather dedicated group and tend to relish learning as much as they can about their cars. Besides obtaining the original factory literature, reference photographs, technical data, and related information on their particular year and model Mustang, the owners love to read about “all things Mustang” as evidenced by the high number of Ford Mustang-specific books that have been published over the years. (more…)