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Goodguys 6th Annual Nashville Nationals

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Pavement-Stomping Muscle Cars Tearing it up in Tennessee

The weekend of May 20-22 marked the 6th annual Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Nashville Nationals. Held at LP Field inside the Tennessee Titan stadium, more than 1,500 muscle cars, classic trucks and hot rods filled the grounds for some impressive eye candy. Heart-stopping horsepower rumbled through the show as attendees cruised the grounds and exhaust pulsed the asphalt. (more…)

Muscle Car Garage – A Homebuilt Boss Clone Crafted to Cruise

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Jay Torbett; 1969 Mustang Boss Tribute; Jacksonville, FL

Homebuilt muscle cars are the heart of this hobby. Building something in your home garage and taking it from a million pieces to a tire-burning street terror is perhaps the most satisfaction a gearhead can ever experience. Jay Torbett of Jacksonville, Florida, is a muscle car fanatic to the core and coveys his performance passion through a few different Bow Tie and Blue Oval products in his garage. After completing a ground-up restoration a few years back on his ’69 SS Camaro, Jay felt the desire to build a Trans-Am-era-style Mustang. (more…)

A 700-Plus Horsepower Pavement-Pounding Mustang Tribute

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

People build all-out pavement-shredding muscle cars for all sorts of different reasons. Some build them because they’ve always dreamt of owning one in high school and years later they finally have the financial ability to do so. Some do it as a status symbol and some do it just to be able to command a bunch of horsepower and experience the pin-your-back to the seat torque. But what about building a muscle car for a completely unselfish reason altogether? Building tribute vehicles to honor our American heroes that fight for our freedom is nothing new, but each project dedicated to the efforts and sacrifices of our young soldiers is a testament to how truly awesome their work is. (more…)

Pony Ride

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Sure, some guys drive their wives around the bend, but Rob MacGregor is building his new wife Tina a Mustang that will be capable of driving quickly around corners.

There’s been a little combining of business with pleasure going on lately at No Limit Engineering in San Bernardino, California. Recently, Rob MacGregor, owner and founder of No Limit, and his adorable girlfriend Tina were married. (Congratulations, you two from MCP.) So what does an engineer get his new wife for a wedding present? He builds her a muscle car, of course! (more…)

Ron Huskins’ 1970 Mustang Mach 1

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

We’ve all seen the T-shirt that reads “Still plays with cars.” Most who own this shirt want you to know that they’re still into the stuff that they enjoyed when they were kids. Since the late-‘60s most little boys grew up playing with die-cast toy cars. The best toys looked custom built or like race cars. (more…)

Retrofitting a VDO Tach Into a Vintage Mustang

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Instrument repair is becoming somewhat of a lost art. There are a lot of little springs, magnets and other items hiding inside the average instrument, and it takes knowledge and practice to get them working again. Sure, you can get entire clusters from the major suppliers, but what if you want to retain the stock appearance? Back in the day, there were plenty of places where one could get stock instruments repaired and upgraded, but not any longer. Repairs have become a virtual cottage industry. (more…)

This Mustang is Built to Kill

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Though Scott Taylor is retired now (actually, he refers to it as “RETIRED!!”), he was the laboratory supervisor of an animal science nutrition research lab. So it would only seem natural that he would want to build a Mustang. But he actually started this ‘68 Mustang project with the intention of building a nice Eleanor replica that his wife Laura could drive and attend local shows with. The Taylors have always had a strong appreciation for ‘60s muscle cars, but Laura felt somewhat overlooked because she didn’t have a car of her own. Since she liked the Eleanor Mustang, they began looking around for a nice ’67 or ’68 fastback that would suit their needs. They finally located a one in San Bernardino, California, which belonged to an 18-year-old high school senior. He was reluctantly selling the car to support his future college education. The Taylors liked what we saw, purchased the car for $11,000, and drove it the 450 miles to back to their home in Sacramento. (more…)

‘Stang Stop Tips – Baer Brakes Upgrade for Our Late-Model Mustang

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Our 2008 Ford Mustang started out simple enough with a stock 4.6-liter engine and automatic transmission. The factory 17-inch wheels looked great, but with the oversized rotors we had in mind, it was clear they would not do. The folks at Tire Rack were helpful and supplied us with a set of 20-inch wheels and Dunlop tires.

As any racer will tell you, you can’t drive any faster than you have the ability to stop. Brakes allow you to have the confidence to drive deep into the corner, apply the brakes and drive on through. Our heavy Mustang (around 4,000 pounds in convertible trim) was running strong with plenty of power from the Magnacharger induction system, but required some help in the braking department. To the rescue came Baer Brakes. (more…)

ROSIE – The World’s Most Outstanding 1,000-HP ’66 Mustang

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

In the world of custom muscle cars there are those cars that emerge at the shows that put chins on the pavement and are talked about for years to come once they’ve made their show debut. These types of cars usually feature more body mods than a Hollywood movie star and sport the best in drivetrains, suspension and body and paint, but one element that makes these cars a frequent topic of gearhead conversation is shock factor. To make a statement in the custom scene, these cars have to impress at the very first glance and reel the viewer in with exquisite detail. (more…)

Total Cost Involved Engineering 1964 1/2-1970 Mustang Convertible Rear Torque Arm Suspension

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Introducing the new Total Cost Involved Engineering ’64 1/2-’70 Ford Mustang Convertible Rear Torque Arm Suspension. This suspension package is designed to lower the stance, dramatically improve handling and braking, built to control your torque and get the horsepower to the ground. The TCI Eng. suspension is a bolt-in product that comes with subframe connectors, frame stiffener, torque arm bar, rear panhard bar, frame brackets, All American coil-over shocks, shock crossmember, rigid 3 link and reinforcement plates. Let TCI turn your classic car into a corner-hugging, stop-on-a-dime mustang muscle car. (more…)