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The Road Runner Rides Again

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Finished in Bronze Fire Poly, this Plymouth carries its heft and length pretty well. Built as a muscle car for the masses, the Road Runner sold many more units than others in its family did. With plenty of horsepower and a low cost of ownership, Plymouth nailed it with these cars.

A ’69 Survivor Stashed in the Surf City Garage

Opening up any book about the history of the automobile will inevitably reveal interesting stories about America’s most famous technological innovation. How cars became branded and named is history lesson in itself. One of the stories that has is fairly well known is how the Plymouth Road Runner came to see the light of day. Its namesake cartoon character emblazoned in many places on the car’s body and interior made Plymouth’s Road Runner easily identifiable. The Road Runner was introduced in 1968 as a mid-priced, intermediate-bodied muscle car and even had a horn that went “beep, beep,” just as the feathery cartoon character. (more…)