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Building Blocks – Dart Machinery Has the Goods to Save You From Junkyard Cores

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Building a stout power plant for your muscle car is usually the first step in the build. Calculating horsepower and torque helps navigate chassis and suspension set-up as well as transmission and differential needs.

When building a small-block mouse or big-block rat for your pride and joy there are a few roads you can travel. You can pick up a donor block and head for the machine shop, or you can purchase a brand new engine block from Dart Machinery and skip the worries of paper-thin cylinder walls from numerous bore jobs and potential cracks revealed after the hot tank and magna flux sessions. Consider the cost involved with using an original equipment used block. (more…)

A New Beat – A Simple Camshaft Swap Creates Increased Power and Unique Sound

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

COMP Cams’ new Thumpr flat tappet camshafts come in three levels of performance. As you might expect, the base performance cam is called the Thumpr, followed by the more aggressive Mutha Thumpr and the red hot Big Mutha Thumpr. Pretty creative, huh?

So, the question arises with regard to camshafts, “Can you have your cake and eat it, too?”  In the case of our dyno test, we wanted to know if there was a camshaft that not only delivered on the dyno, but would enhance the sound of power derived from our engine for cruise appeal. (more…)

Pavement Crusher – 40-year-old Metal Blended With Modern Technology

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Stuffing late-model drive trains in classic muscle cars and equipping them with modern suspension and brakes is nothing new. It’s a style that was originally launched under the Grand Touring moniker years ago, and has transformed muscle cars, whatever the flavor, into fun to drive, corner-hugging, cruising machines. Let’s face it, while the Big Three nailed the style on the performance tin of the past, the technology was not there to make them handle, stop, steer, and perform at high levels. These factory fast brutes were designed to go fast in a straight line, making them prime candidates for drag strip duty where many off the show room speed demons wowed the crowd. What about a car that can do everything well? We are talking go fast, stop fast, hug corners, and pin you back in the seat, all while the A/C is turning the cockpit into frostbite central. (more…)