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Total Cost Involved Engineering 1964 1/2-1970 Mustang Convertible Rear Torque Arm Suspension

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Introducing the new Total Cost Involved Engineering ’64 1/2-’70 Ford Mustang Convertible Rear Torque Arm Suspension. This suspension package is designed to lower the stance, dramatically improve handling and braking, built to control your torque and get the horsepower to the ground. The TCI Eng. suspension is a bolt-in product that comes with subframe connectors, frame stiffener, torque arm bar, rear panhard bar, frame brackets, All American coil-over shocks, shock crossmember, rigid 3 link and reinforcement plates. Let TCI turn your classic car into a corner-hugging, stop-on-a-dime mustang muscle car. (more…)