‘Stang Stop Tips – Baer Brakes Upgrade for Our Late-Model Mustang

February 14th, 2011

Our 2008 Ford Mustang started out simple enough with a stock 4.6-liter engine and automatic transmission. The factory 17-inch wheels looked great, but with the oversized rotors we had in mind, it was clear they would not do. The folks at Tire Rack were helpful and supplied us with a set of 20-inch wheels and Dunlop tires.

As any racer will tell you, you can’t drive any faster than you have the ability to stop. Brakes allow you to have the confidence to drive deep into the corner, apply the brakes and drive on through. Our heavy Mustang (around 4,000 pounds in convertible trim) was running strong with plenty of power from the Magnacharger induction system, but required some help in the braking department. To the rescue came Baer Brakes.

Baer has been making excellent braking systems for race and hot street vehicles and has designed a system that is not only effective and stylish, but also saves a few bucks in the long run by retaining the rear calipers. Baer’s Eradispeed brake systems are great packages, and they offer excellent improvement through a much larger brake swept area. The slotted and drilled rotors look great and are easy to install. The complete system install takes only about two hours, working slowly and properly bleeding the brakes (actually the Cotati folks probably could have had the project done in less than an hour if we hadn’t slowed them down for photos and video capture).

Our Mustang was outfitted with the Pro Plus six-piston brake calipers along with the larger rotors. These cool calipers provide massive clamping power, resulting in dramatically improved braking for shorter stopping distances and more resistance to fade. Follow along as we show you the steps to improved braking. Remember, if during the brake bleeding process if the brake pedal feels off, stop and have an expert step in until the brakes work properly. Also, you should seat the brakes fully before you dive in performance mode. That means a full 400 miles of driving and eight to 10 heat cycles before you take to the track. That way you’ll get what you paid for, and then some.


Front Brakes: Baer Pro Plus six-piston calipers 14-inch front rotors

Rear Brakes: Baer EradiSpeed Plus 14-inch rear rotors


Baer Brakes

www.baerbrakes.com (http://www NULL.baerbrakes NULL.com/)


Cotati Speed Shop

www.cotatispeedshop.com (http://www NULL.cotatispeedshop NULL.com/)


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