A Magna Charger 6.2L Supercharger Kit Makes It Simple

May 3rd, 2011

Text and Photos by Dick DeLoach

This new Camaro now has legendary ZL1 performance thanks to the addition of a Magna Charger LS3/L99 supercharger kit.

Supercharging has gained popularity among street-driven cars in recent years for several reasons. Efficient supercharger systems can reliably create legendary old school muscle car performance on a modern engine with minimal impact on fuel economy. Superchargers have evolved from the older systems that are difficult to install nightmares into systems that are simple to install and easy to maintain. As a result, the expense of a supercharger kit when compared to pulling, rebuilding and fine-tuning an engine is also a major consideration for buyers. A supercharger can produce about the same horsepower for less expense. Plus, unlike nitrous oxide, which requires frequent repurchase of juice, once a supercharger is installed there is no more expense or hassle associated with performance.

Supercharging delivers exceptional horsepower and performance gains with little of the traditionally associated hassles. Superchargers can produce a reliable 500, 600 or even 700-plus hp on an otherwise stock V-8.

If you are you looking to add some extra horsepower to your Gen 5 Camaro but are unsure which route to go, you should check out the Magna Charger LS3/L99 supercharger system.

The new supercharger technology is the same currently used on the new ZR1 Corvette, and we all know what a monster it is. The new system will boost the output to 492 rear wheel horsepower (rwhp) and 455 lb. ft. of torque with only 6 pounds of boost.

Some of the features of this supercharger system include a four-lobe rotor, a high-twist 160-degree helix that has improved efficiency, cooler discharge temperatures and reduced operating noise.

A unique bypass valve, which reduces parasitic drag during normal driving, helps this supercharger run more efficiently, and it also works well with the GM active fuel management system, which deactivates engine use under light throttle. The supercharger also has a self-contained lubrication system, making it maintenance free.

The system comes complete with a patented high velocity aluminum intake manifold, integrated water-to-air intercooler and all brackets and hardware needed for installation. It also includes a handheld programmer to reprogram the factory ECU and a full color instruction manual with step-by-step instructions for installation. All Magna Charger supercharger systems come with a standard three-year limited warranty. Magna Charger also offers an optional three-year/36-thousand mile powertrain warranty.

Chevrolet sold just 69 of the highly coveted ’69 ZL1 Camaros, and virtually none of them ever saw the street. By contrast, almost anyone can install a new Magna Charger supercharger system, and you can drive the car every day without a sacrifice in fuel economy or low-speed drivability.

Where the original ZL1 was a cantankerous 8-mpg anachronism, a Magna Charger-equipped Camaro is smooth, quiet and clean; equally ready to deliver top EPA mileage figures or smoke the tires in any gear—your choice.

List price for the Magna Charger supercharger system in black (as shown) is $7,450, but it can be purchased online from retailers such as hotpart.com for $6,487.

To see if the kit really is simple to install, we watched the crew at Magnuson Products, makers of the Magna Charger (in Ventura, California), as they performed the full-day installation on a ‘10 Camaro. They began the installation by disconnecting the battery, opening the gas cap to release fuel system pressure, unplugging the two engine control module (ECM) connectors, and removing the ECM, which must be sent to Magnuson for programming in a special shipping carton provided with the kit.

Follow the photos as we show you the highlights of this new supercharger system.


Magnuson Products

Dept. MCP

1990 Knoll Dr.

Ventura, CA 93003



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