Building Blocks – Dart Machinery Has the Goods to Save You From Junkyard Cores

June 10th, 2010

Building a stout power plant for your muscle car is usually the first step in the build. Calculating horsepower and torque helps navigate chassis and suspension set-up as well as transmission and differential needs.

When building a small-block mouse or big-block rat for your pride and joy there are a few roads you can travel. You can pick up a donor block and head for the machine shop, or you can purchase a brand new engine block from Dart Machinery and skip the worries of paper-thin cylinder walls from numerous bore jobs and potential cracks revealed after the hot tank and magna flux sessions. Consider the cost involved with using an original equipment used block. If you buy a complete engine you will have to spend time tearing it down and once it is a bare block you will have to wait for the news of whether it is solid or you have a boat anchor on your hands. There is definitely a gamble there, and in these busy times, money is not the only factor to consider, but time is as well. Dart Machinery has built several small- and big-block configurations to allow you to skip the hassle of digging through 30-year-old iron. Their line includes a combination of small- and big-block Chevrolet and small-block Ford offerings along with short block assemblies and top end kits to make your muscle car motor building experience as painless as possible. Check out some of these hot options from Dart, and skip the grease-covered, worn-out and potentially damaged originals.

Dart Machinery

Dept. MCP

353 Oliver Dr.

Troy, MI 48084


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