Gearhead Heaven Part 2

December 22nd, 2011

Text and Photos by Marcel Venable

Chicago Pneumatic Must-Have Tools for the Automotive Enthusiast

When we set out to build a place called Gearhead Heaven our first part focused on cleaning and patching of our workspace. The floor coating alone transformed a dingy, oil filled, cracked floor into an automotive showplace. Nobody serves fillet mignon on sourdough bread, so why should the fruits of our labor sit on cold, oil stained concrete.

We also featured some great items to assist us in creating a work area capable of handling many different types of tasks. Now that we have a clean work place and the means of handling heavy items or even weld, it’s time to compile a list of essential power tools that every at-home automotive enthusiast needs.

Every weekend mechanic knows that there’s a right tool for the right job. Most tool innovations began as a modified version of a purchased tool, only to be redesigned for a different purpose. Over 100 years ago a man had just that type of vision. His name was John W. Duntley, founder of the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company in 1901. His fire was lit when he realized he could modify or improve most of the hand tools used by many of the construction workers he labored alongside. Some of the tools that he made hadn’t invented yet, which changed the way many buildings and structures were built. He began around the turn of the 20th century, and before it was over, Chicago Pneumatic Tools were a part of the construction of many important landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, Boulder/Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. The most significant invention that can be credited to Chicago Pneumatics’ donation to the automotive world came in 1939, when the first pneumatic impact wrench debuted.

Today CP has continued its contribution to all areas of automotive tools, both for the professional and home enthusiast. The company has kept a firm grip on the automotive world, working with many of the top automotive designers and builders. Rich Evans, one of their automotive spokespersons and longtime friend to Muscle Car Power, stopped by to show us CP’s line of air or pneumatic tools, including some of their other lines of products, like accessory items (sockets) and a cordless electric line of impact wrenches drills. Rich gave us some practical advice and showed us some of the right tools to have for the automotive enthusiast or weekend mechanic.


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