Hotchkis Suspension Makes the A-Body Hang Hairpins

February 2nd, 2011

Text and Photos by Travis Noack

Pavement rushes under you as you bury the pedal and feel the horsepower glue your back to the seat. You push and pull the gears as you fly through the corners and the meticulously appointed chassis and suspension make child’s play of the twisties. Upgraded big brakes keep the horsepower in check, but the power under your right foot is calling to be released from the stables and you force the throttle southbound and feel the rush as the tach needle climbs and your heart starts to pound.

Driving all out asphalt-assaulting muscle cars is an experience that can’t be beat. The roar of the exhaust, the smell of heated rubber and brakes and the experience of being paralyzed by performance make you yearn for more. They are only fun if they are set up properly, though, and that’s where the suspension pros at Hotchkis come in. John Hotchkis, with years of experience in the driver seat of pavement-blistering performance cars, took his “R&D” knowledge from the professional driving circuit and poured it into performance suspension parts for many of yesterday and today’s prominent muscle cars. With a proven track record on the autocross course, Hotchkis components are sure to transform your tired suspension into a pavement-gripping underbelly making you more confident through the turns. This month we chose to focus on installing a Hotchkis suspension on blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s ’70 Plymouth Duster. Watch as we transform this former street cruiser into a street bruiser with Hotchkis sport suspension.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd hangs with John Hotchkis to get the low down on his Duster’s new capabilities before taking the wheel and heading for the hills.


Hotchkis Sport Suspension


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