Installing a ProCharger Supercharger on a 3.8 V-6 Mustang

June 9th, 2010

Now we brought the main unit over to the car and installed it behind the radiator fan, this is a very close fit, but the unit will slip on if aligned properly. You must not force it.

When does a V-6 engine crank out more power than a V-8? When it’s boosted by a power adder system such as a turbo or supercharger.In the case of ProCharger, we found a system that delivers excellent power and drivability

We recently received a call from Jeff Ruff, owner of our January/February 2008 cover vehicle. He informed us that he was headed over to Dallas Mustang and wanted to know if we were interested in following along as they installed a ProCharger unit on his car. Jeff’s Mustang has the factory 3.8-liter motor, which from the factory is rated at approximately 210 HP. Once the unit was installed the motor cranked out 260 HP – very close to the level of the factory stock GT V-6 engine.
We arrived at Dallas Mustang early one morning and watched as the staff prepared and installed the ProCharger kit onto Jeff’s car. About five hours later, Dallas Mustang was performing the last step on the car, and we were loading up to head back to the office.

The instructions we found were easy to follow, and the knowledgeable folks at Dallas Mustang made the installation look easy. While the skilled do-it-yourselfer could do the install, it is recommended that you have a ProCharger certified shop do the work because if the unit is not installed correctly, serious engine damage can occur.

Follow along as we generate V-8 level power from 3.8 liters, but a few points to consider before you start the installation:

Check to make sure that the factory crank pulley is installed on the car.

Your engine cannot have an aftermarket chip or programmer installed.

Once the unit is installed, you will have to run the car on 91-octane gas.

Ready to saddle up partner? If so, here’s the secret to “powerizing” your Mustang. Enjoy the ride.

Dallas Mustang

Dept. MCP

10720 Sandhill Road

Dallas, TX 75238


Accessible Technologies, Inc.
Dept. MCP

14801 W. 114th Terrace

Lenexa, KS 66215


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