Installing Classic Performance Products Disc Brakes and Tubular A-arms

April 18th, 2011

Text and Photos by Matt Emery

Even we found it hard to believe, but there are still some cars rolling around out there that don’t have adequate brakes. Take this ‘67 Camaro, for example. When it arrived at D&P Classic Chevrolet in Huntington Beach, California, the owner told Darryl Nance that he wanted his Chevy to stop and handle better, but that the car wasn’t a race car, just one that he wanted to cruise around town in.

Which leads us to what we call the “bigger pizza theory.” In an attempt at total disclosure, we have been known to say that the only thing better than pizza is a bigger pizza. But if there is only one or two of us eating, do we really need a 2-foot square pizza that has 24 pieces? No. The same can go for brakes. If the car is going to be used for competition, such as in major autocrossing or even club racing, then huge diameter rotors and multi-puck (and by multi we mean six) calipers are needed. But if the car is only going to used for everyday driving? Then that might not be the case.

This is where a system such as Classic Performance Products disc brakes, like those that will be installed on this Camaro, come into play. They call it the “Complete Front and Rear Disc Brake Kit” and it is. Included in the kit is everything necessary to install basic brakes that work well and fit well to a car that needs them without breaking the bank, and these brakes will still be able to fit behind 15-inch wheels. Make no mistake: all cars need disc brakes, at least up front. They also need a master cylinder that is designed to work with the new disc brakes, so a chromed CPP power brake booster kit was also included in this upgrade.

While he had the D&P crew at it, this owner also wanted tubular A-arms installed. Known as their Totally Tubular arms, the CPP upper and lower control arms are preassembled on new billet chrom-moly 4130 cross shafts and pivot sleeves. CPP exclusive pivot bushings are a patented self-lubricating plastic that will not squeak, and has a working temperature of over 400 F. The ball joints are included.

We were on hand at D&P Classic Chevy when they installed the CPP products onto this ‘67 Camaro. Known for their killer Tri-5 Chevys, D&P find themselves doing more muscle cars lately, and are well acquainted with the genre. This is a job that they can do in their sleep, and unless you have extensive knowledge of working with front springs and the internals of rearends. It is also job that those at home should consider having a shop like D&P do. Watch as this classic Chevy gets all that it needs to roll safely for another 40 years.


Classic Performance Products

175 E. Freedom Ave.

Anaheim, CA 92801


D&P Classic Chevrolet

18331 Enterprise Lane

Huntington Beach, CA 92648


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