Installing high tech gauges in a late model Mustang

June 9th, 2010

While you may learn too much information about your pal after hoisting a few beers at the local pool hall, you can never have too much information when it comes to your vehicle’s operation. Oil temperature and pressure are like the blood flowing through your body, if it stops or gets too hot, you’re a dead man; the same goes for your engine.

To that end, we decided to add a few more gauges to our 2007 Ford Mustang GT. While the gauges in our dash were a great start, we wanted something more than vague guesses at oil pressure, boost and voltage. To that end we selected a set of GlowShift gauges. These fully illuminated gauges were a nice addition to the interior and were very simple to install, taking less than an hour by novice artisans. The dials are easy to read, with actual numbered faces — wow — what a difference.

Follow along as we demonstrate the correct techniques to the installation.


Glowshift Gauges (http://www NULL.glowshiftdirect



Parts Used

GlowShift Black-7 Oil Pressure

GlowShift Black-7 Boost

GlowShift Black-7 Volt

GlowShift M-22 Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter

GlowShift 3 Gauge Wiring Kit

Misc. Wire Connectors

Wire Ties

Tools Needed

Wire Strippers

Electrical Tape

Phillips Head Screw Driver

Flat Head Screw Driver

26mm Wrench or Socket (adjustable wrench if necessary)

12mm Wrench

Small Standard Socket Set (interior trim removal)

Utility Knife

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