Rear Seat Pans installation on the “Muscle Car TV” ’61 Chevy – Red Sled

June 9th, 2010

The ’61 Chevrolet was unique among cars of its era, an unmistakable shape that was different from other offerings of the time and a complete change over from the ’59-60 Chevy that preceded it. The first of the 409-equipped Chevrolets, it was instantly embraced for its novelty and speed. Fans lusted for power enhancing pieces to make it faster and cooler.

Today, ’61 Chevys with original 409 power are rare indeed. But the best news for speed freaks is that while builders in the ‘60s were limited in the amount of ways to make them go fast, today there are plenty of pieces that push the envelope, generating more power than ever before. Along with that power comes the need to stick it to the ground, meaning better suspension pieces and bigger tires. The factory stock fender wells left much to be desired in terms of allowing bigger tires and wheels, so the need for some custom work was clearly in order. To fix that problem, we designed a rear tub arrangement that involved mini-tubs of new flooring to make the entire mod appear factory. Considering the condition of the original flooring, we weren’t exactly cutting up a survivor car, so the modifications were a move in the right direction. It was definitely time for some new Year One floor pans.

Follow along as we replace the rear flooring of our ‘61 Impala and head down the road towards a total makeover on the car. And remember, for the first time in magazine history, you can watch our progress (and even roll back to early episodes of the show) online at (http://www NULL.powerblocktv


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