Shaving a Camaro Drip Rail

May 24th, 2011

Text and Photos by Matt Emery

In the annals of hot rodding there is a rich history of cutting off body parts, and no, we’re not talking about your high school auto shop teacher (ours was missing about a finger and a half). We’re talking about shaving things like drip rails. For those who live in Washington State, drip rails may actually be a good idea, but for the rest of us they look awful.

In reality, they were probably an idea born of circumstance because they are actually the area where the seam of the roof and side panel joins. The factory just slapped a piece of chrome over the edge and called them drip rails. In reality, they were just a cheaper and easier way for the factory to produce cars quickly. Ironically, removing them is not cheap, nor is it easy. But the result is a smooth transition from the roof on down that looks great, and dare we say, modern?

We were at the 401K Club in Anaheim, California, where they have been doing a ton of work on this ‘69 RS Camaro. The owner wants his car to be one of a kind, and that meant some radical body and mechanical work. One of the body mods was to shave the drip rail off and smooth the area. This is not a particularly difficult job, but it is one that is very labor and time intensive. Luckily for the owner, Andy Martaus, who is part of the crew at 401K, is a patient guy. He had to be. The job entails cutting a small section of the rail, then adding dozens of tiny spot welds until the section is filled. Then another 4-inch or so section is cut out, and the welding begins all over again. Can you say tedious?

And it was even more so for us to shoot, but hey, that’s what we do here at Muscle Car Power. So follow along as this vintage Camaro gets a modern makeover the 401K way.


THE 401K Club

Dept. MCP

4392 East La Palma Avenue

Anaheim, CA 92807

714.993.4015 (http://www NULL.the401kclub

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