November 5, 2008    
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Motortopia at SEMA 2008

SEMA, the premiere automotive specialty trade show in the world, is going on right now.

And Motortopia is there.

Check the site all week for photos and daily updates from Las Vegas, including pics of some of the hottest cars around.

And, check back after SEMA is over for a special photo album featuring the women of SEMA.

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Nov 8th
Time Speed and Distance Rally
Tullahoma, TN


Nov 8th
Las Vegas AMC Reunion
Boulder City, NV


Nov 14th - 16th
STARS Southern Trans Am Regionals
Fort Walton Beach, FL


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1967 Austin Healey Roadster

1967 Austin Healey Roadster
jtune is the proud owner of this great looking Austin Healey. But look closer... there's more to this car lurking under the skin. That includes an LS1 V8, a 6-speed T56 transmission, 9" Ford rear end, adjustable coilover suspension, and more. Make sure you check it out!
Bob's Rat-Rod

Bob's Rat-Rod
cuda65vpt has put up some pictures of his buddy Bob's 1931 Chevy Rat Rod. The car features a 1950 Cadillac 331 engine. Make sure you check out this album to see one cool ride.

Meet ZoOmzOoM. Not only does she own a "hot" Miata, but she and her husband love NASCAR, and have attended several races. Check out the photos from their NASCAR adventures, and make sure you say "hi!"
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